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How to Prove Fault in an Accident, According to Georgia Law

How to Prove Fault in an Accident, According to Georgia Law

A car accident in Atlanta is a major event in someone’s life that can have devastating consequences for their future. Between the costs of their accident and the impact upon their health, they may find it difficult to resume their life as normal. Fortunately, a car accident injury claim can help them seek out appropriate damages for their accident and help them put their finances back on track. Having a successful personal injury claim is not easy, and it may even necessitate the services of someone experienced in the matter, such as a personal injury attorney in Atlanta. One thing injury victims...

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The 6 Most Common Types of Fatal Car Wrecks in Georgia

The 6 Most Common Types of Fatal Car Wrecks in Georgia

Car accidents can happen for any number of reasons, from natural events to distracted drivers. Unfortunately, the vast majority of wrecks happen due to human error. In 2015, there were a total of 385,221 crashes in Georgia, resulting in 1,430 fatalities and 19,405 serious injuries. In 2016, there were 1,554 total traffic fatalities across the state. The 6 most common crash types that resulted in fatalities were: Single vehicle wrecks Wrecks involving a large truck Wrecks involving speeding Wrecks involving a rollover Wrecks involving a roadway departure Wrecks involving an intersection At Hawkins, Spizman & Fortas, our Atlanta car accident attorneys...

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The Levels of Intoxication

Close shot of flood Protection Sandbags with flooded homes in the background

You can drink multiple alcoholic beverages and function as though you had nothing to drink at all. Your spouse can drink one alcoholic beverage and stumble as they walk. Alcohol affects different people in different ways --- or does it? Just because someone seems to have a “high tolerance” for alcohol doesn’t mean they’re less affected by it. In fact, several studies have shown that alcohol tolerance is a bit of a myth. Sure, you may take several drinks to feel drunk, while another person may feel drunk after just one shot. When it comes to performing tasks, however, the effects...

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The Best Ways to Prevent Holiday Package Thefts

Barrow County Sheriff

Holiday spending is skyrocketing this year, both in physical retail stores and online. In fact, online holiday shopping is expected to jump to $123.73 billion this year, an increase of 16.6 percent over last year. With so much online shopping, delivery companies will be dropping off packages around the clock. And that leaves plenty of opportunities for thieves to swipe packages from your doorstep. “Porch pirates” are a big problem. Some 11 million households had packages stolen last year. Most packages were stolen when the homeowners weren’t home, and an average of $200 was spent on replacing each package. If you’re ordering gifts...

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Does Uber Really Reduce DUI Rates?


Reports of Uber having a hand in reducing DUI arrests across the country have been all over the media over the past couple of years. Depending on who you ask, Uber’s impact is real, or it’s just coincidental. While it makes sense on the surface, that ridesharing would decrease drunk driving, the data has been spotty at best. However, a new study recently released does show a direct connection between the entry of Uber in a local area, and the decline of fatal accidents, DUIs and other criminal activity. As Atlanta DUI lawyers, we love investigating new ways drunk driving can...

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Top Dos and Don’ts for the Holiday Season in Atlanta


With Thanksgiving and Black Friday behind us, the mad dash to the end of the year has begun. Between visiting family, shopping for gifts and getting year-end tasks done at work, it seems like there will barely be time to breathe this year. With so much happening, it’s easy to get stressed out and make mistakes. But if those mistakes are criminal in nature, a simple “Oops” probably won’t cut it. As Atlanta criminal defense attorneys, we’ve had more than a few clients who needed out help because they didn’t realize they were breaking a law. Before you dive too deep...

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Are Parents Responsible for Children’s Crimes?

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Juvenile crime refers to any crime that is committed by a child under the age of 18. There are sets of laws that address these crimes, typically heard in juvenile court. In some cases, juveniles commit crimes that are so serious they are tried as adults. No matter the crime, parents may be left wondering if they are responsible for what their children have done. In fact, they may be held responsible in some cases. However, the consequences of their child’s crime may differ than if the parent was charged with the crime themselves. Parental Accountability Laws In some states, there are...

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Why You Always Need an Attorney for a Criminal Case

Dicky Eklund

Many people wonder if they need an attorney when they are charged with a crime. They worry about not being able to afford legal representation, and some believe that they can defend themselves successfully. When a person is charged with a crime in Atlanta, they need an attorney. The answer is that simple. Any person who wishes to have a positive outcome in a criminal case needs to be represented by a professional. Why? Imagine your case is actually a surgery. You may have watched medical dramas. You may have even taken an anatomy class in college, or read a...

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Can I Legally Avoid a DUI Checkpoint in Atlanta?


If you drive regularly and haven’t encountered a DUI checkpoint, count yourself among the lucky. Georgia State Patrol and local police departments will be out in full force this Halloween and on other holidays, meaning your chances of being stopped are much higher. Most drivers have encountered at least one of these checkpoints in their lives, and many aren’t sure what they are legally allowed to do. If you want to avoid contact with the officers running one of these checkpoints, you may be wondering if you can simply turn around before you hit the line. While you technically can turn...

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What Happens If I Miss Jury Duty?

If you have received a jury summons in the mail and been tempted to rip it up, throw it in the garbage or otherwise ignore it, you aren’t alone. Jury duty means time off of work and a general upheaval to your schedule. Yes, it’s your civic duty, but no one said you had to be happy about it. Thoughts of jury duty turn to time off work, difficulties finding a sitter or even having to miss class. Talk to your friend or family member and chances are they will tell you they find the thought of jury duty as an...

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