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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > In the News > Kentucky Expanding “Look-Back” Period

Kentucky Expanding “Look-Back” Period

Habitual drunk drivers are about to have a more difficult time in Kentucky. The state has just passed a bill that will allow officers and judges to look back even farther into a driver’s history.

Currently in Kentucky, the past five years are considered when sentencing a person for driving under the influence. This “look-back” period can hurt you dearly if you have been convicted multiple times for the same offense. Now, instead of looking back at just five years, people can check back up to 10 years. This can mean harsher penalties than ever before for people convicted of multiple offenses.

According to some lawmakers, the move is a necessary one. People may be reoffending as soon as their five year window was closed. Now, that window will remain open for 10 years, meaning that people who have had several DUIs over the past decade will face tougher sentencing guidelines than they may have previously.

The law is needed, say many. With so many people choosing to drink and drive more than once, despite the consequences of being caught the first time, things need to be done to put an end to the bad decision making. Perhaps being faced with jail time will be enough to help people beat their addictions and remain sober behind the wheel.

When these changes will take place is not immediately clear, but it should be soon. As part of the bill, prosecutors also have the right to charge drivers with DUI within a 100 day period, giving officers more time to complete investigations as necessary.

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