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Not All Domestic Violence is the Same

Domestic violence is a serious crime. Victims of abuse may deal with lifelong issues, both mental and physical, after suffering at the hands of a batterer. Those charged with the crime may spend time in prison, pay thousands in fines, and find it difficult to find future employment.

Many have a picture that appears in their mind when someone talks about domestic violence. These images may or may not be correct. The fact is that “domestic violence” is a term that covers a variety of abuses. The crime does not always involve physical contact. As such, many alleged perpetrators may not realize that what they are doing could be considered abuse. Here is more information on the different forms of domestic violence.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse involves the use of force against another person. This may include hitting, grabbing, shoving, choking, burning, biting or restraining. The abuse may occur with hands, feet or a weapon. Physical abuse does not have to result in injury to be considered a crime.

Psychological Abuse

Typically, in the case of domestic violence, psychological abuse includes intimidation, isolation and threats of harm. A partner may abuse pets, damage property or control the victim in such a way that they feel as if they have nowhere to turn. This type of abuse may also include the use of religious beliefs to manipulate or exert power over a victim.

Emotional Abuse

When a person undermines their partner’s sense of self-worth, this is can be considered emotional abuse. It may include name-calling, mocking, humiliating or treating the partner like a maid or servant.

Economic Abuse

This type of abuse is an attempt to make a partner financially dependent on the abuser. It may include forbidding a person from seeking employment, withholding access to money or controlling all financial assets. Typically this is in an attempt to ensure that the victim has no way to leave the home.

In Cobb County, being charged with domestic violence typically means that a person is suspected of causing physical harm to their partner. If you have been arrested for this crime, you need an experienced attorney on your side. Call Hawkins Spizman Fortas for a free case evaluation today.

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