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“Devoted Mom” Accused of Leaving Son in Car

Car air condition outlet

A woman described by many as a "devoted" mother stands accused of leaving her toddler in a hot car for more than three hours. The child died at a local hospital after being transported for heat-related illness. According to reports, Fulton County police say that the child was strapped into a car seat on Halloween and left in a car while his mother went inside their home. A neighbor spotted the child in the car and called emergency services. When police responded, the mother told them she had been running errands and forgot her child was in the vehicle. Police don't believe...

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Can I Turn Around at a DUI Checkpoint?

Yellow Warning DUI Checkpoint Highway Road Sign

If you drive regularly and haven't encountered a DUI checkpoint, count yourself among the lucky. Most drivers have encountered at least one of these checkpoints in their lives, and many aren't sure what they are legally allowed to do. If you want to avoid contact with the officers running one of these checkpoints, you may be wondering if you can simply turn around before you hit the line. While you technically can turn around, is it a good idea to? You Are Not Legally Obligated to Proceed. However...

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Myths About White Collar Crime

businessman holding money, wearing handcuffs. white collar crime concept

Open up the newspaper or turn on your computer, and chances are high that you will see a story about a government official or banker on the front page (or at least headlining the finance section). Often it’s because of some new business opportunity or something similar, but there’s also a good chance that person is in the news for committing a “white collar crime.” These kinds of financially-motivated, nonviolent crimes continue to be a problem in America. Thanks to portrayals in media, there are plenty of myths surrounding white collar crime that are stuck in the minds of the general...

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Understanding What Custodial Questioning Really Is

Police officer arresting criminal, putting him on car trunk and reading Miranda rights for him

When you watch a crime drama on television or even a thriller on your favorite movie streaming app, you see police officers arrest suspects, handcuff them and immediately read them their Miranda rights. This leads to the impression that this is a real world scenario. It also leads people to believe that their rights have been violated if police speak with them without reading their Miranda rights, or Miranda warning. The truth is, there are many rules and procedures that dictate the Miranda warning and its use. Here is more information about the Miranda warning and its correct and appropriate use. Custodial...

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Motorcycle Accident Leaves Man Critically Injured

Motortraveler with own bike resting on roadside at evening time with sunset on background

A man was involved in a vehicle versus motorcycle accident on Saturday, November 4 which left him critically injured. The accident occurred on Highway 34 at Bruce Jackson Road. The man's name was not released. According to reports, the man was driving his motorcycle east on Highway 34. The driver of a Chevrolet pickup truck was stopped at the intersection but then pulled out in front of the man. The motorcyclist was unable to avoid the collision, striking the driver's side door of the truck.The accident took place just after 10:30 in the morning. The driver of the motorcycle was stabilized on...

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Daylight Savings Time Increases Your Risk for Accidents

Autumn Time Change, Autumn Leaves and Alarm Clock

Chances are you already know that a decreased awareness behind the wheel can cause vehicle collisions. When you aren't paying close attention to the cars around you when you are driving, you are either at risk for being involved in a crash or causing one. Daylight saving time doesn't help. If you are like many people, you are feeling a bit "off" next week. Experts say that's normal. It can take the human body a week or more to adjust to the time changes in the Spring and Fall. The good news is there are things you can do to help...

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Three Students Killed in Crash

Low angle telephoto perspective of fifty yard line

One teen was critically injured and three others were killed in a car accident on October 27. The accident occurred Friday night near Meadowcreek High School. According to reports, a Toyota 4Runner containing three passengers seemingly swerved to avoid a collision. That vehicle left the road and traveled down an embankment on Steve Reynolds Boulevard. The vehicle sustained severe damage. The driver and two passengers lost their lives. A third passenger was transported to a local hospital and listed in critical condition. All involved in the accident were students at the high school. It is believed that the students may have just...

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Boy With Brain Injury Doing Well 5 Years Later

Damaged fallen tree after a strong storm

On October 29, 2012, a family in Georgia discovered their lives turned upside down. It was a seemingly normal morning when a mother dropped her 2-year-old son off at daycare. It was the last time she would set eyes on him before he was involved in a terrible accident. The child was outside of the daycare when a tree limb broke off and fell down. The limb hit the boy on the head, causing severe brain injuries. As a result of those injuries, the child spend months recovering at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. His mother says that was the day the...

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Scary Facts About DUI on Halloween

Jack-o-lantern on bar counter and friends on background

You may think that the most frightening experiences you'll have on Halloween will come the way of costumes and pranks. The truth is that it's drunk drivers you have to be most concerned with. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Halloween is one of the deadliest nights to be on the road. The administration looked at roadway fatalities over a span of five years on that night, 2009 to 2013, and discovered that 43 percent involved alcohol. Even though Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year, many adults will still hold parties on a work night, which could lead...

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DUIs In GA Could Be Changing Forever

DUI law. Driving Under the Influence concept

The Georgia Supreme Court has issued a new ruling that may make it more difficult for prosecutors to use the results of breathalyzer tests, or refusals of those tests, against accused drunk drivers in court. A local reporter spoke with experts to find out just what the ruling would mean for drivers. In the ruling, the Supreme Court has made it clear that an officer cannot compel a driver to take a breathalyzer test, nor can the refusal of a test lead to the assumption of guilt. DUI attorneys say that the ruling will no longer prevent drivers from exercising their...

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