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Study of Distracted Driving Underway

man using phone while driving the car

Late in 2011, a man texted his fiancee to tell her that he was nearly home. It was reported that he was only four minutes from the woman's home when he sent a text that said: "I'm almost there." The man never made it. Just moments after sending the text, the man was involved in a fatal accident. According to reports, the 20-year-old man was a student at The Art Institute of Atlanta. He crossed the center line and crashed head-on into another vehicle just off Ga. 316. The crash occurred at 45 miles per hour. The man died in the...

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Can Someone “Steal” a Car Without Driving It?

Scenario One: You wake up in the morning to find your car missing from your driveway. You call the police, they locate your car and arrest the person that took it. Your car is returned, and you go about your day. Scenario Two: You are caught in a rainstorm and see a car running in someone's driveway. Desperate to get out of the rain, you jump inside and shut the door. The owner finds you and calls the police. You are charged with auto theft. The two scenarios are very different, but have a similar outcome. How is it possible? If you...

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Women Injured by Thrown Chairs at Dragon Con

Fantasy world. Disguised cosplay women. Two imaginative characters of the fictional world. A young girl dressed as a cat and another girl with a hand that generates a fire

Dragon Con was held in Atlanta in the beginning of September. Two women sustained head injuries as a result of chairs being thrown from a hotel balcony. The chairs were thrown off of the 10th floor of the Marriott Marquis just after 1:30 a.m. According to reports, the women were on the street below when someone threw chairs from the terrace area of the 10th floor. One woman said that she heard pops and then felt something warm running down her face. The victim was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital to be treated for a head injury. The woman was ultimately...

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How Internet Law Is Evolving

We use the Internet on a daily basis. From keeping interactive planners to shopping, the virtual world is helping us in more ways than we realize. Unfortunately, it can also land us in hotter water than we realize. Most people know that using the Internet puts us at some risk. We understand that not everything is private. However, lawmakers are taking action to create a more uniform set of statutes to govern the Web. The following list is the latest developments in Internet law and safety, and how you can protect yourself in a world you can't see. 1. The Email Privacy Act We...

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Bad Weather Causes Deadly Accident

driving car on a wet street with splashing water in motion blur

Police are blaming the weather for an accident that took the lives of a mother and her infant in Cobb County on September 12, 2017. The slick roads likely contributed to the multi-vehicle accident that left others with minor injuries. According to reports, the woman who passed away was driving a Nissan Altima in the 900 block of Windy Hill Road. She somehow lost control of her vehicle and crossed over the median. Once on the wrong side of the road, she was directly in the path of an oncoming pickup truck. As a result of that collision, an SUV struck...

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How You Can Help Those Affected by Recent Storms

When a national disaster strikes, the best of humanity comes out, and we are ready to set aside our differences and lend a helping hand. Unfortunately, people are also victimized by scammers who take advantage of their good nature. If you want to help those affected by the recent storms, there are ways you can safely do so without falling prey to the criminal element. 1. Donate to Known Organizations Following the storms, known organizations began to take donations specifically for victims. Organizations like The American Red Cross, the Salvation Army and the United Way established easy ways for people to donate...

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New iPhone Features Could Protect Your Rights

Your phone contains your personal information. No one has the right to force you to unlock your phone and allow unlimited access. Or do they? Some may have been following the news as of late. Various stories abound of cops being granted warrants for access to electronic data. People have been forced to open their computers, tablets and cellphones to inspection by law enforcement officials. What some people may not be aware of is that, in the eyes of the courts, a fingerprint and a passcode are very different. A fingerprint is physical evidence. A passcode, however, falls under the contents...

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Officer Struck While Investigating Accident

Motorcycle accident with a car

A police officer responded to the scene of an accident and was involved in a collision herself. The officer was shaken up but uninjured in the collision. The driver of the vehicle that struck the officer was arrested for driving under the influence. According to reports of the incident, a truck and a motorcycle collided in a northbound lane of I-75. The motorcyclist was pronounced deceased at the scene. An officer responding to that accident was traveling on the northbound side of the highway when she slowed her patrol car. As she slowed down, a person driving a BMW struck her...

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Rapper Involved In Atlanta Accident

An ambulance speeding through traffic at nighttime

A car accident in Atlanta took the life of rapper Shawty Lo on September 8. The rapper, whose birth name was Carlos Walker, was thrown from his vehicle after crashing into trees. Reports say that he was on his way home from a club. According to authorities, the rapper was driving a 2016 Audi. The car went over a guardrail at about 2:20 a.m. and struck multiple trees. After hitting the trees, the car burst into flames. The 40-year-old rapper died on scene. Walker had two female passengers in his vehicle at the time of the accident. Both of the women...

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Tiger Threatens Residents of Atlanta

beautiful Bengal tiger

It was a sight no Atlanta resident ever expected to see: A tiger walking down neighborhood streets. Several residents of a metro neighborhood called 911 after spotting the jungle cat walking past their residences. According to reports of the incident, the tiger named Suzy had escaped the truck she was being transported in. Feld Entertainment was contracted to move the tiger from Tampa to Memphis, and the truck driver made an overnight stop in Georgia. Suzy's caretakers last saw her on Tuesday night when they checked the truck. The drivers did not realize that the tiger was not in her enclosure...

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