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Will the New Falcons Stadium Help Curb Crime in the Area?

It has taken three years to build the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and its completion came down to the wire. Ensuring that the stadium was ready for the Atlanta Falcons' first home preseason game became the push. In fact, the Atlanta United soccer team had their home schedule rearranged to accommodate for the extended time needed to complete to stadium. Yet somehow, completing construction on Mercedes-Benz was the easy part. The hard part is going to be helping to turn around the struggling neighborhood the stadium calls home. It was the same hope people held for Turner Field and the Georgia Dome....

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An Update on the Tiger Woods Case

Golf pro Tiger Woods made national news when he was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence in May 2017. According to reports, a toxicology report showed that Woods had several prescription medications in his system at the time of his arrest. Woods pleaded guilty to reckless driving on August 9. During his hearing, he also agreed to enter a diversion program. When Woods completes that program, his driving record will be wiped clean. The toxicology report was made public by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. News outlets obtained a copy of the report. The drugs found in the...

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Woman Killed in Atlanta Crash

Closeup for car flat tire

An accident occurred early in the morning on August 17, 2017 that took the life of a woman who was attempting to change a tire on her pickup truck. The woman was struck by a passing car, as were three other people who were helping the woman. According to reports, a Ford pickup truck had pulled over to the left shoulder of Interstate 75 after experiencing a flat tire. The four people inside the truck had gotten out to attempt to change the tire. They were outside of the vehicle when a Cadillac struck both the truck and the people who...

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What Are the Different Types of Subpoenas?

When you hear the word "subpoena," you may imagine men and women with badges brutally knocking on your door shouting your name. You may picture being approached in public by someone who hands you an envelope and shouts, "You've been served!" as they hastily jog away. The truth is that you can be served in a variety of ways, depending on the type of subpoena it is. 1. Witness Subpoena If you are served a witness subpoena, it is because you are believed to have either witnessed a crime or are able to provide information about a person that has been. Your...

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Driver Charged in Deadly Accident

Car crash from car accident on the road in a city

A man has been charged with homicide by vehicle in the second degree following the death of a child in a multi-vehicle accident on Ga. 316. The driver was also charged with following too closely. According to reports, the man was traveling in the far left lane of the highway. He was following his GPS which alerted him to heavy traffic. The GPS the man was using suggested that he get off the highway at the next exit to avoid that traffic. Because the man was in the left lane, he needed to merge into the right lane. The man looked over...

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Two People Struck While Checking Car Damage

A high angle view of street intersection, with yellow cross walk markings, traffic signal lights, and curb cuts

A road in Fulton County was shut down for hours while police officers investigated a collision. Reports on August 12, 2017 said that the accident occurred at Buffington Road and Jonesboro Highway. According to reports, two vehicles were involved in a minor crash at the intersection. The drivers of the vehicles involved in the original crash got out of their vehicles to check the damage. It was at that moment that a truck belonging to the county came over a hill and struck the cars. One person died at the scene, and a second person passed away at a local...

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Bystanders Save Rider Following Motorcycle Accident

truck with straw

Three people have been labeled as heroes in Atlanta following a motorcycle accident earlier in August. The crash occurred on Georgia Highway 101 in Paulding County. The driver of the motorcycle says that he doesn't remember the accident. He also doesn't remember the moments leading right up to the crash. What he does know is that he's seen pictures of the wreck and is thanking the three witnesses who immediately rushed to him to save his life. According to a police report, there was a truck driver hauling hay that pulled in front of the motorcycle. The driver of the motorcycle did...

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Atlanta Facing Epidemic of Gun Thefts

Close up black gun inside the car

A man and woman were arrested in Atlanta this week and charged with breaking into vehicles. The pair are suspected of breaking into cars with the intent of stealing firearms. Authorities said that more than 40 firearms have been stolen by the two who have broken into 161 cars in the last seven months. If you are a numbers person, that means that one out of four cars the pair hit contained a gun. It's a nationwide trend that stems, in part, from lax gun laws dictating their storage and carrying. In recent years, many states have made it easier to...

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Woman Sentenced In Texting Suicide Case

Cropped image of young woman sitting at a chair with a coffee using mobile phone

Michelle Carter is a name that has been in the news frequently in the past few months. The young woman was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter after the suicide of her boyfriend. Just last week, the woman was sentenced to 15 months in jail but remains free as her lawyers appeal the sentence. During the sentencing, Judge Lawrence Moniz, said, in part, "This court must and has balanced between rehabilitation, the promise that rehabilitation would work and a punishment for the actions that have occurred." People across the country, on social media and watching the news, held their breath as the...

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OJ Simpson Gets Parole – What Are the Terms?

Welcome to Las Vegas neon sign

The country watched as OJ Simpson was put on trial for his ex-wife's murder in 1995. They recently watched again as his parole hearing for an unrelated case was televised across America. At that hearing, Simpson was granted parole after spending nine years of a possible 33 year sentence for a robbery that occurred in Las Vegas. Now 70 years old, Simpson was clearly relieved upon hearing that he would soon be released from prison. His incarceration was the result of a botched robbery in Las Vegas. Simpson was convicted of leading a group of men into a hotel and...

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