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New Changes to Georgia DUI Laws

Woman in car blowing into ignition interlock device

A bill was signed into Georgia law in the spring of 2016 regarding DUIs. If you haven't been charged with driving under the influence, you may not be aware of House Bill 205, but it has important information, especially for those charged with DUI for the first time. According to the HB 205 and a new permit introduced on July 1st, 2017, a person charged with driving under the influence has another option if they have been given an administrative license suspension: an interlock ignition device. It is important to note that a person must qualify for the new program, it...

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Father Accused of Causing Daughter’s Brain Injury

Face and lateral projection of chest X-ray

A two-month old infant suffered skull fractures and torn ligaments on July 4. Her father stands accused of causing the injuries and has pleaded not guilty. The man has been charged with one count of aggravated battery and one count of first-degree child cruelty. According to reports, police officers were called to a local hospital on the morning of July 4 to investigate a possible assault to the infant. Police were informed that the girl had suffered bruising to several parts of her body, skull fractures, torn ligaments and cracked ribs. The infant is unable to breathe properly due to a...

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Be Wary of These Common Vacation Crimes

Young couple planning honeymoon vacation trip with map

What are your reasons for taking a vacation? Maybe you need to decompress. Perhaps you are going to visit friends or family. No matter what the reason, taking a vacation doesn't mean you are exempt from all aspects of your daily life. Plainly speaking, you must still abide by the letter of the law. Too many people let loose on vacation only to find themselves in trouble with the law. Crime does have consequences, and those found to be violating it will have to answer for their behavior. If you are traveling to a different state, or even a different country,...

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Driver Pleads Guilty in Locust Grove Accident

Gavel and some dollars banknotes

An accident on Interstate 75 in August 2016 took the life of a Locust Grove high school student. The driver responsible for that accident pleaded guilty in Henry County State Court. According to court documents, the driver found to be at-fault for the August 20 crash pleaded guilty to following too closely and homicide by vehicle in the second degree. The man struck the teenager's SUV from behind, close to Exit 218, and set off a chain-reaction crash. Five other vehicles were involved in the accident. The driver of the vehicle that caused the collision was sentenced to two years' probation, 60...

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New Georgia Interlock Ignition Law Brings Praise

Man Sitting Inside Car Taking Alcohol Test

The Georgia chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving is applauding a new state law in Georgia. Beginning July 1, a new law for first time DUI offenders requires that an interlock ignition device (IID) be installed on their vehicles. According to the organization, by the time an offender is caught driving under the influence, they have already broken that law 80 times before. In 2016, Georgia was one of only four states that had no law for interlock ignition devices for first time DUI offenders. The group says that the technology is a lifesaver. When a driver is arrested and refuses...

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UFC Fighter to Be Transferred to TBI Center

cage fight ufc

Popular UFC fighter Matt Hughes was involved in a recent vehicle accident. His vehicle was struck by a train and the fighter suffered head trauma. Hughes is currently listed in stable condition at a hospital in Springfield, Illinois. A nonprofit organization has volunteered to have Hughes transported to a traumatic brain injury center in Atlanta. The Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation has contacted the fighter's family with their offer. They would like to transport Hughes to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. The center specializes in assisting people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries. It was not clear at the time the offer...

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Should I Argue for a Better Plea Bargain?

Cropped image of attorneys discussing cases, selective focus

When you are charged with a crime, you will likely be understandably frightened. This is especially true if it is your first run in with the criminal justice system. Most people, whether they have been arrested before or not, know what a plea bargain is. A plea bargain means that the defendant won't have to face a judge or jury, and that the outcome is predetermined by the prosecutor. A plea bargain is desirable in many cases, as it provides an expedient end to the ordeal. It's always important to understand the details of a plea bargain before it's accepted. While...

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Georgia Tech Student Suffers Brain Injury

Young man with trauma of the head

A young man was struck while riding his bicycle on the campus of Georgia Tech on June 26. The student was hit by a truck that failed to yield. The driver was cited in the accident. The man struck sustained a traumatic brain injury. The young man was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital. Doctors performed an emergency surgical procedure and placed him in a medically induced coma. The procedure was undertaken in order to relieve pressure on the man's brain. A later brain scan revealed that the victim was experiencing seizures. Friends and family of the young man were at his side...

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The Ramifications of the Texting Manslaughter Case

Woman Using a Smart Phone

A young woman recently made national headlines after being found guilty of manslaughter in an unusual case. The woman had texted her boyfriend, encouraging him to commit suicide. In his decision, the judge in the case called the woman reckless. The woman's case is the first in which someone has been convicted of such a serious crime for what many believe to be protected under the First Amendment: free speech. To be clear, the woman was convicted for involuntary manslaughter. The definition for that crime is "an unintentional killing resulting from recklessness or criminal negligence." Some in the legal community are...

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Bus Crash in Atlanta Resuls in Tragedy

map of the world drawn on pavement, person standing near map

Students aboard a bus traveling through Atlanta were excited to be embarking on a mission trip to the continent of Africa, readying themselves to help others. The students from Alabama soon experienced different emotions as their bus was involved in a crash near Atlanta. Several people in the collision were injured and one student lost their life. According to reports, the bus took off from a church in Huntsville, Alabama. The group was en route to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport when they collided with another vehicle. There were high school students and adults on the bus at the time of the collision. Early...

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