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Are Breathalyzers Accurate?

young female driver being subject to test for alcohol content with use of breathalyzer

Anyone who has been arrested under the suspicion of driving under the influence may be asked to submit to a breathalyzer test. Some may have read about these tests and be hesitant to take one. If a person blows over the legal limit, they have given the police proof that they are intoxicated. Or have they? While the average driver may assume that breathalyzer results are cut and dry, experienced attorneys know the truth. How Breathalyzer Tests Work When you are asked to submit to a breathalyzer, you are being asked to have the alcohol vapor in your body measured. The vapor...

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Massive Chain Reaction on Highway 316

Car accident with multiple vehicles

One person lost their life and 17 other people sustained injuries in an eight-vehicle pileup on Georgia Highway 316. The accident happened in Lawrenceville and, of those injured, eight were children. According to officers that responded to the scene, there was a vehicle wedged under a tractor trailer. The vehicle was on fire by the time emergency crews arrived. The driver of that vehicle was trapped in the car. Officials later released details of the accident to reporters. An initial investigation indicated that the semi-truck failed to come to a stop when traffic was at a standstill. Police did not say if...

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Dealing with Campus Police This Summer

Retro Filtered Campus Security Sign On The Side Of A University Vehicle

The school year has ended for most students. Two semesters of college classes have come and gone. For some, summer classes mean that the year isn't really over. When you attend college, chances are that you will see or encounter campus police. All colleges and universities are tasked with the responsibility of keeping their students and staff safe. Campus police are employed for just this reason. It's important for college students to understand that campus police aren't security guards or "rent-a-cops"; they are police officers just like those employed by city departments. Here are a few common questions and answers when...

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Road Atlanta Worker Struck by Motorcycle

Motorcycle leaning into a fast corner on highway

A worker for Road Atlanta, a racing track near Braselton, was struck by a motorcycle last week. The woman had been with the safety division for nearly 20 years at the time of the accident. She was a popular fixture, even earning the nickname "Turn 7 Girl" from fellow workers and fans. The woman's job included flagging and directing people toward safety. Racing is known to be dangerous, but it has gotten safer in recent years, says the track President Geoff Lee. He is also the general manager for Road Atlanta. Tributes to the woman began to appear on social media...

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Donkey Hauler Involved in Georgia Wreck

Two cream colored donkeys pose with happy smiles on their faces

Georgia State Troopers are looking into a crash that occurred on Interstate 85. The crash involved a tractor trailer, a sedan and a Ford F-350 truck hauling donkeys. The accident happened just before 1 p.m. close to Exit 47. Three lanes were closed down for several hours as the accident was cleared. The vehicles involved in the accident were traveling in the southbound lanes of the interstate. The F-350 attempted to change lanes and struck the right of the semi truck. The pickup was forced back into the center lane and right into the path of the car. The driver of the...

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Do I Need Multiple Attorneys Representing Me?

Group of business people and lawyers discussing contract papers sitting at the table

When you are charged with a crime, you experience feelings of fear, stress and anxiety. You are likely worried about your future. It's the unknown consequences that often cause the greatest emotional turmoil. Even being found guilty of a traffic violation can disrupt your life. People who are charged with crimes find the experience easier to handle when they hire a defense attorney. Some people believe that they need more than one attorney in order to mount a strong defense. In general, most people charged with a crime need only a single attorney in order to best defend themselves. In...

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Motorcycle Collides with Bus in Atlanta

motorcyclist in black riding his super sport motorcycle

Officers from the Atlanta Police Department are investigating a motorcycle versus bus accident that occurred in late May. The motorcycle hit a MARTA bus at approximately 4:30 p.m. According to reports of the incident, the accident took place in the 2500 block of Jonesboro Road. It appeared that the motorcycle was traveling north on the road and the MARTA bus was traveling south. The motorcyclist was behind a slower-moving vehicle and attempted to pass the vehicle, despite the double-yellow line indicating a no-passing zone. When the man passed the vehicle, he ran head-on into the MARTA bus. Emergency responders arrived on scene to...

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Do I Have to Respond to a Subpoena?

Close up picture of Subpoena with pen

It is a knock on the front door that very few people look forward to: The process server. Whether it's a court employee or a law enforcement officer, few want to be handed a subpoena, as it signals the legal responsibility to appear in court or provide information. Even if you have done nothing wrong, you may be subject to a subpoena. When you read the notice, you will discover what you are being ordered to do. You may be required to appear at a hearing or bring forth some type of documentation. No matter what the reason it was...

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Tiger Woods’ Arrest Shows Different Side of DUI

Packaging of tablets and pills on the table

Tiger Woods has made headlines again. This time, unfortunately, those headlines aren't outlining his play on the green, but the choices he made prior to getting behind the wheel. Tiger Woods was recently arrested for suspicion of being under the influence of prescription drugs after he was found sleeping behind the wheel. According to reports, Woods was found to be asleep behind the wheel of his Mercedes. His occupied vehicle was found in the right lane with flat tires and other damage. The car was running, and officers report that Woods failed to perform field sobriety tests. Woods was administered...

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Dangerous Fentanyl Sweeping Over the Country

Medical syringe on a drugs background

If you work in human or animal medicine, you may have been familiar with fentanyl before it hit the news for all the wrong reasons. The drug is a powerful pain reliever, used for patients undergoing surgical procedures. Fentanyl must be dosed accurately, and only by a medical professional. However, the powerful drug is now being found outside of the hospital or clinic: It has moved to the streets all over the country. A photo was recently released by the New Hampshire State Police Forensic Laboratory that perfectly depicted the danger of fentanyl. They took a picture of two vials. One...

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