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Can I Share My Adderall?

Pills organized and arranged around the safety cap of a pill bottle

Adderall was initially released in 1996 and since, prescriptions for the drug have reached record numbers. For every one person that was prescribed the drug when it was released, there are three patients currently being prescribed the medication. Originally released as a means of treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy, demand for the drug is high, in part due to its high potential for abuse. As many college students know, when you need to stay awake and alert, Adderall and similar drugs can help --- but can also be highly dangerous. Who Is Most Likely to Abuse Adderall? Abusers of Adderall,...

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Motorcycle Rider Victim of Atlanta’s Problem Roadways

Closeup Rear wheel of Bigbike motorcycle at the city street

Strange things have been happening to the roadways in Atlanta lately. The most recent victim is a motorcyclist that was thrown into the air when a part of Interstate 20 buckled upwards, sending the man into the air and his motorcycle down the road. According to reports, the accident occurred on April 17 and, as a result, the westbound section of highway was closed. Initially, officials said that an underground gas leak had caused the road to buckle. After further investigation, fire officials said that there were crews in the area pumping concrete into abandoned gas lines. The lines were under the...

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Should I Turn Myself In If There’s a Warrant for My Arrest?

Legal law concept image - gavel and handcuffs

When a person finds out that they have a warrant out for their arrest, it's understandable that they become anxious and stressed out. There are undoubtedly questions that begin to swirl in that person's mind, but how they react should be based upon the unique set of circumstances surrounding the warrant. While it is hardly advisable to flee the country, it may be as equally detrimental to run to the nearest police station and surrender. What anyone with an outstanding warrant should do is contact a qualified and experienced attorney to receive assistance and advice. Should You Surrender? If you have a...

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Cyclist Who Sustained Injury Worried About Safety

low angle view of cyclist riding mountain bike on rocky trail at sunrise

A man riding his bike in Senoia was hit by a car in March. The driver of the vehicle that struck the cyclist will faced multiple felony charges as a result of the collision and his decisions immediately after. According to reports, a man was riding his bicycle up a hill on March 30. The man was on Gordon Road with other cyclists and was hit by a Honda Fit. The driver, apparently impatient, had passed a small part of the group, honking and yelling as he did. Once the man made it past the group, he turned his car around,...

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How Well Do YOU Know Your Miranda Rights?

male hands in handcuffs

If you've ever seen any kind of cop show, you have at least heard part of the Miranda Warning, a.k.a. your Miranda Rights. Every time a "perp" is arrested, they are told, "You have the right to remain silent," and then the screen goes black. While this line helps tie up an episode in a neat bow, TV shows like Law & Order rarely tell the whole truth about Miranda Rights. In fact, they can be downright misleading. We have written several times about Miranda Rights, but how well do you actually know them? Take the quiz below to find out, then share your results...

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Atlanta Man Charged with Arson in I-85 Collapse

firefighter fighting fire

The news of the Interstate 85 highway fire in North Atlanta that resulted in that same roadway's collapse made national headlines. At first, officials were not sure what had caused the blaze that destroyed part of the highway. It was only after an investigation that it was discovered that arson was the cause of the fire. According to information released to the press, the Atlanta man accused of starting the fire, Basil Eleby, claims that he had left the area before the flames set in. People who know the man accused of the crime say that he has been in and...

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Georgia Trucker Gets License Pulled for DUI

Yellow Warning DUI Highway Road Sign

A truck driver in Georgia was involved in an accident while under the influence of alcohol. That accident has cost the trucker his license. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration declared the trucker to be a hazard to public safety after the chain-reaction crash he caused. According to reports, the driver of the truck ran into a stopped vehicle on I-64 in Virginia. The man was found guilty a Virginia court of driving under the influence of alcohol. The same driver had called emergency services for assistance, telling dispatchers in Greenwood, Louisiana that he was using a controlled substance and had...

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Student Urges Drivers to Stay Focused on the Road

Young woman driving car and using mobile phone

It takes mere seconds for an accident to occur and change the lives of those involved forever. Such was the case on the Douglasville Highway just before Christmas. A teenager and his friends were in a vehicle at what the teenager describes as the wrong place and the wrong time. When the car the group was riding in was hit head on, the teen, who had recently taken midterms and was looking forward to Christmas break, became the victim of a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed. The teen remains unable to move from the chest down. Once planning on...

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Carjackings on the Rise in Atlanta Neighborhood

man breaking into car

It's fair to say that most people expect to be able to drive their vehicles without incident. Unfortunately for residents in one Atlanta neighborhood, carjackings are on the rise, leaving everyone on edge. The East Lake neighborhood has seen multiple carjackings, but no arrests. For some victims, the carjackings aren't ending when the crime does. The victims are reliving the details of the crime, making it impossible to regain their sense of security and belonging. Police located one such victim's car and returned it to the rightful owner. Police would not tell the victim where the car was located, nor did...

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Juggling as a New Field Sobriety Test?

man's hand holding three wooden juggling clubs in the blue sky

People try to get out of charges of driving under the influence in all sorts of creative ways, but perhaps none more creative than a college student in Arkansas. The young man was pulled over by police recently and decided to show off a unique skill to prove to police that he was sober: juggling bowling pins. The incident was all caught on tape. According to reports, the man was pulled over because he was driving too slowly and officers noticed that his taillight was broken. The officers realized that the man wasn't intoxicated once they had him stopped but couldn't...

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