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Top Myths and Misconceptions About Criminal Justice


What do you know about criminal justice? If you have never been involved in "the system," the things you believe you know may consist of what you have read online, in the newspaper and in magazines. You may even believe some of the things you see on television and in movies. Much of what people believe to be true about the criminal justice system are actually misconceptions. Here are the top myths surrounding criminal justice. 1. Crime Is Getting Worse It's easy to believe that crime is getting worse. Turn on the evening news and the feature stories will detail terrible events...

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How Does a “Nolo Contendere” Plea Work?


When you appear in court to answer to criminal charges, you have three choices of plea: Guilty, not guilty and nolo contendere. You may know "nolo contendere" better by its more common name: no contest. The Latin term means "I do not wish to contend," which is why more people are familiar with that term than the official one. What exactly does it mean to plead no contest? The Basics When a person enters a plea of nolo contendere, they are essentially pleading guilty without admitting guilt. In other words, the defendant is telling the court that they will accept the punishment...

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Most Common Questions About Bail


If you are ever arrested, one of the first things you’ll likely think about is getting out of jail as quickly as possible. The way that most people secure their release from custody is by posting bail. This is in the form of cash, a bond or property that is given to the court. By providing bail, you are promising to appear in court. If you don't show up to your scheduled appearance, your bail may be revoked and you will have a warrant issued for your arrest. Setting Bail A judge is the person responsible for setting bail. In some instances,...

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How to Handle Yourself After an Arrest


There is no doubt that being arrested is a stressful event, whether it was expected or not. Your first inclination may be to argue your case with the police as they’re arresting you, or even run before you can be placed in handcuffs. These are both bad ideas. The way you behave after you are arrested can have an impact on the outcome of your case. Here are some tips to follow if you find yourself on the wrong side of the law. 1. Be Courteous If you are arrested, the police believe that you have done something wrong. Don't make the...

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Most Common Holiday Scams


December is the month that sees scams ramp up. There is a definite uptick in identity theft and other scams aimed at stealing your financial information. Other holiday scams aim to deprive you of your money in other ways. As you head out to the shops this season, it's important to remember that there are criminals everywhere and only you can protect yourself. Here are the most common scams scene during the holiday season. 1. Fake Websites Amazon was recently the latest in a string of victims of false websites. Someone set up a site that looked eerily similar to the shopping...

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What You Should Never Do at Hartsfield-Jackson


If you will count yourself among the hundreds of thousands of people who will be traveling by air this holiday season, you may want to keep in mind a few things about airport behavior. While some of the things you may do could have a few curious glances thrown your way, other things could land you in hot water with law enforcement. Here are some things you should never do at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International or any other airport. 1. Talk About Anything Illegal TSA agents aren't known for their sense of humor, and they have heard it all before. Keep jokes about...

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Atlanta Crime Rates on the Rise


Living in Atlanta is an amazing experience. The city is full of culture and diversity, not to mention the beautiful weather. Atlanta is a desired living place for many people across the nation --- in fact, it’s the top moving destination in the country. While the city can generally be considered safe as far as urban areas go, a new report says that violent crimes are on the rise within the city's borders. A report released on September 26, 2016 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation tells a tale of murder rates climbing and aggravated assaults becoming far more frequent. The...

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Is Driving Sick as Dangerous as Driving Drunk?


It's the time of year when people start giving more than just gifts. People are handing more than presents to their friends and family. They are also sharing illness. Head colds and the flu are passed between people easily and quickly. While some people avoid taking medicine, waiting for their illness to resolve on its own, others turn to over-the-counter remedies in order to alleviate their symptoms. What happens when a person takes a cold or flu remedy and then gets behind the wheel? It's important to understand that driving under the influence encompasses more than just alcohol and illegal drugs....

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Do I Have to Consent to a Car Search?


According to the United States Constitution, you have the right to be free from unreasonable searches of yourself, your home or your vehicle. That said, the search of a vehicle rarely involves any type of warrant. Here is what could happen. You are driving your vehicle down Peachtree, and the next thing you know, you hear sirens and see lights flashing behind you. You pull over as required by law and exit your vehicle like you are asked to do. Before you realize what is happening, your car is being sorted through by the officers that pulled you over. But how?...

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The Dangers of Driving While High


Georgia has seen an increase in the number of people who have been arrested for driving while high in recent years. The number of drivers charged with driving under the influence after being suspected of being high behind the wheel is up 20 percent in the past five years. Many states who are seeing this increase are turning to states like Colorado where marijuana has been legalized to see how officers are keeping the streets safe. Officers say that it is difficult to determine just how under the influence of marijuana someone is. Officers often rely on drivers themselves to speak...

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