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Why You Always Need an Attorney for a Criminal Case


Many people wonder if they need an attorney when they are charged with a crime. They worry about not being able to afford legal representation, and some believe that they can defend themselves successfully. When a person is charged with a crime, they need an attorney. The answer is that simple. Any person who wishes to have a positive outcome in a criminal case needs to be represented by an expert. Books Do Not Help There are many things that can be found in books. A person can search the Internet for almost anything. Unfortunately, the practice of criminal law is quite...

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Is Identity Theft Always a Felony in Georgia?


Identify theft makes big news. It is a crime that is often anonymous, but the victim almost always suffers a severe financial impact. Identify theft tends to spike during the holiday season as people become less aware of their shopping habits, both online and off. Different states their own opinions on whether or not identity theft is a misdemeanor or felony. In Georgia, identify theft, known as identity fraud, is always a felony. The Basics of Identity Fraud Identify fraud occurs when a person takes the identify of another. The criminal may take a person's birth date, Social Security number, bank account...

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Understanding What Vandalism Really Is

Human hand holding a graffiti Spray can in front of a colorful wall

We've all heard of vandalism, but not everyone knows what it really is. This crime has an interesting history. Way back in 455 A.D., the Roman empire was invaded by a group of Germanic tribesman. The tribesman burned and pillaged their way through the empire. The name of the group? The Vandals. Their actions gave a name to the act of destroying or damaging the property of another and today, the crime of vandalism is on the books in every state. What It Is Vandalism occurs when a person willfully destroys or damages the property of another. It covers any physical blemish,...

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An Overview of Wrongful Death Law in Atlanta


When a person is killed in Atlanta due to someone’s negligence, their family may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. The laws dictating how and when a wrongful death suit may be filed can be complicated and confusing for family members and loved ones. The laws can even be challenging for experienced attorneys. The following is a brief overview of wrongful death claims in Atlanta. Two Claims What many people don’t know is that there are two distinct types of claims that may be filed when someone dies as a result of negligence. The first is wrongful death. This is...

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Am I Allowed to Protest in the Streets?

A general image of unidentified people protesting

The First Amendment of the Constitution gives people the right to have their voices heard. People are permitted to peacefully assemble and make their concerns known. In the aftermath of the recent presidential election, hundreds have taken to the streets to voice their opinions. In many cases, these assemblies have been peaceful. In other cases, the protests have turned into riots and caused property damage and injuries. While people certainly have the right to assemble and shout their opinions to the masses, they do not have the right to damage anyone's property. There are guidelines that dictate how protests should be...

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How to Treat Your Soft Tissue Injury


When people imagine being involved in an accident, whether it is a vehicle collision, slip and fall or a sporting incident, they often imagine the worst injuries. Sustaining a head trauma or broken bones is understandably frightening, but they aren’t the most common injuries that victims of accident suffer with. The most common injury sustained in an accident is a soft tissue injury. Soft Tissue Injuries A soft tissue injury is one that affects muscles, tendons or ligaments. Typically, these injuries occur when the body experiences a sudden uncontrolled movement. Think of missing a curb and twisting your ankle. Hitting an opponent...

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Semi Truck Strikes Bus in North Carolina


Imagine packing your bags for a weekend trip with your friends or family. You carefully choose what you will wear while discussing the fun you are planning to have. It’s something that people across the state do every weekend, and most have getaways that are filled with nothing but enjoyment. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for more than 40 people on their way to Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino in Murphy, North Carolina. According to reports, a charter bus owned by Greatime Getaways was en route to the casino when it struck the back of a semi-truck on Highway 515. The...

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Reviewing Motorcycle Safety in Atlanta


There are few things that equal the excitement of driving down the highway on two wheels with the wind blowing over your body and the hum of your wheels on the pavement. There has been an increase in motorcycles on the road in Georgia, and both the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and the Georgia State Patrol have made public efforts in increasing safety for riders across Atlanta and elsewhere. Law enforcement and government agencies began a program of motorcycle safety courses and presentations several years ago. Motorcycle safety presentations are offered at schools, civic clubs and other public places. The...

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How Daylight Saving Time Affects Crime Rates


Very few people, if any, enjoy Daylight Saving Time. It throws off our internal rhythms twice each year, makes for cranky children and confused pets. It can take weeks for our bodies to adjust to what seems like an innocuous hour. Even though most of us complain about the change, we don't think much about it after a couple of weeks. Until the next time the clocks change, that is. For others, the consequences of daylight saving time can be long lasting. In a recent study published by The Review of Economics and Statistics, it has been said that crime rates...

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What to Ask Your Criminal Defense Attorney


When you hire a criminal defense attorney, you want to be sure not only that you hired the right person, but that your attorney is going to mount a strong defense. To assist you in selecting the right attorney, here is a list of questions you should ask during your initial consultation. 1. “What can I do?” Some attorneys expect you to take a back seat in your case, and other lawyers want you to provide assistance. Ask your attorney how they expect you to behave and what you can do on your own behalf. If you want to be a partner...

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