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Most Dangerous States for Drunk Driving

car-keys-and-a-bottle-of-beer-mixed drink

People drink and drive everywhere in the United States, but there is a higher-than-average instance of DUI arrests in certain states. Alcohol consumption and bad weather work in conjunction to make several states in the nation more dangerous than others when it comes to drunk driving, according to a survey conducted by USA Today. North Dakota tops the nation in fatalities and arrests related to drunk driving as of 2015. Montana was second, followed by Idaho, Wisconsin, South Carolina and South Dakota. Tyler Spraul, director of the study, said, “I think that the combination of higher than average alcohol consumption and...

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Real Housewives Star’s Son Arrested for DUI

real housewives of atlanta

It is stressful when a loved one is arrested for driving under the influence. It can be even more stressful when you are in the public eye and trying to maintain a positive reputation with the public. Sheree Whitfield, one of the stars of the popular “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” found this out recently when her 19-year-old son, Kairo Whitfield, was arrested for DUI. It may be uniquely embarrassing for Whitfield given that she went after co-star NeNe Leakes after her son was arrested for shoplifting. The news of Kairo Whitfield’s DUI was broken when a fan sent a booking photo...

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Does Uber Really Reduce DUI Rates?

person using uber app in car

Reports of Uber having a hand in reducing DUI arrests across the country have been released in recent weeks. In fact, we ourselves have touched on the subject. While it makes sense on the surface, the data is not altogether there. In fact, there is no direct connection between Uber usage and a drop in drunk driving that has been proven. In 2015, a study was released by Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Uber. The study reported that ridesharing has an impact on reducing the rate of DUIs because it offers an alternative to people driving themselves home after having...

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Study: There’s No Valid Measure for Too High to Drive


When law enforcement officers want to measure how intoxicated someone is, the process is a fairly easy one. Officers ask drivers to participate in field sobriety tests, including roadside tests and chemical tests. The more alcohol that is present in a person’s blood, the more impaired that person is. When law enforcement officers want to determine how “high” someone is, the process is not so simple. In fact, there is currently no valid way to measure just how high someone is or how impaired they are. Blood tests are available that measure the amount of THC in a person’s system. Unfortunately,...

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Officer Hit While Making DUI Arrest

crashed police car

A police officer in Johns Creek, Georgia was hit and injured while making a DUI stop on Saturday, May 21. According to reports, officers were conducting a traffic stop on State Bridge Road near St. Georgen Commons on Saturday evening. The pair of officers was investigating a possible instance of drunk driving. The first driver was ultimately placed under arrest for driving under the influence and put into a police cruiser. It was at that time that a second vehicle traveling down the road rear-ended one of the police cruisers. The collision sent the cruiser into the one parked ahead of...

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State Lawmaker Charged with DUI Wins Reelection

Georgia Capitol Building

Even after a driving under the influence arrest in April, Georgia Representative Tom Taylor (R-79) has won re-election. The General Assemblyman was challenged within his own party by Tom Owens. Early on in election evening, Taylor was leading with a 68 percent vote to Owens’ 31. Taylor will face no Democratic opposition in the fall election. According to reports, Taylor was charged with DUI in Rabun County. The representative, who has served since 2011, had a blood-alcohol content of close to three times the legal limit. He also had four juveniles in his vehicle at the time of the stop. The...

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Drunk Dad Speeds to Chuck E Cheese with Kids


Chuck E. Cheese’s is a popular place for families with children. Getting there before closing is important to many, but perhaps not as much as a dad who traveled at over 100 mph with an unsecured 7-year-old child in the passenger seat to get there. According to reports, Shane Elzey told police that he was speeding in such a manner to get his son to the restaurant before it closed. The child told the officer, “I told him to slow down and he didn’t listen.” He also told officers that his dad goes to jail frequently. When police pulled Elzey over, they...

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Former News Anchor Opens Up About Alcoholism

alcoholics anonymous chips tokens

In a teaser for a report that aired on Tuesday, May 17, 2016, popular former Fox 5 anchor Amanda Davis admitted to being an alcoholic. Throughout the years, Davis has found herself on the wrong side of the law at least three times. Each of these times involved Davis being arrested for driving while intoxicated. In a 2013 incident, Davis hitting a car while traveling down a one-way street. This incident led to her departure from Fox 5. In 2015, one weekend before she was slated to return to television with CBS Atlanta, Davis was pulled over and arrested for driving...

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Can I Drink in the Car if I’m Not Driving?

beer can top

If you have a driver’s license, and even if you don’t, you know that no driver is legally allowed to get behind the wheel if they  have had too much to drink, or drink while they are operating the car. But what if you are the passenger? Typically, the answer is that no, you are not permitted to drink in a motor vehicle, no matter which seat you are sitting in. The act of consuming alcohol in a vehicle is illegal in 43 states. If you are driving and are pulled over, any open container in your vehicle will earn you...

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Can Legally Prescribed Drugs Lead to a DUI?

drugs pill bottle

If you are like most people, you think about alcohol when you hear about a DUI. Others also consider illegal narcotics, but very few consider the use of legal drugs --- i.e., prescription or over-the-counter medications --- in connection with a DUI charge. The truth is that these drugs can also lead to impaired driving and, ultimately, arrest. In a DUI or DWI, the typical elements are: Someone drove a vehicle While driving the vehicle, that person was under the influence or intoxicated. That is to say that their ability to drive safely was adversely affected by an alcoholic beverage, a drug or...

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