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What Not to Do After a DUI Arrest

field sobriety test

It should come as no surprise that a suspect’s behavior during an arrest can have a strong impact on their case. The truth is that a suspect’s behavior can mean the difference between spending time in jail and relaxing at home in front of the television. Being arrested is a stressful experience that can cause people to do or say things that they normally wouldn’t. It’s important to remember to stay calm during an arrest. Here are three things to keep in mind if you are pulled over and questioned about driving under the influence. 1. You Can Make Matters Worse It...

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Stephanie Seymour’s DUI Charges Could Be Dropped

stephanie seymour

In January, supermodel Stephanie Seymour was arrested for drunk driving in Greenwich, Connecticut. She caused not one, but two separate accidents in the same day. In the first one, she tried to back up her SUV on a highway exit ramp and slammed into another car behind her. She then fled the scene, later slamming into a utility pole. Fortunately, there were no injuries in either accident. Now, the Stamford Superior Court has stated she can have her charges dropped if she meets certain conditions. By this time next year, she must complete outpatient alcohol abuse treatment and attend Alcoholics Anonymous...

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How GHB Can Lead to a DUI Arrest


Over the past several months, John Stamos has been all over the national news. Of course, many fans of ‘90s television were ecstatic over his return to the set of Netflix’s “Fuller House.” He has also found a home on Fox’s “Grandfathered.” However, not all the recent news has been positive. Late last year, he was arrested for driving under the influence and underwent rehabilitation. While he did have alcohol in his system --- a lot of alcohol --- it wasn’t the only thing influencing his driving. Blood tests also revealed a compound called Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate, or GHB. While this may...

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Staying Safe on St. Patricks Day

St. Patrick’s Day is cause for celebration, if you are like millions of people around the world, you will be partying with friends and family this holiday. Unfortunately, if you are like thousands, you will be paying for your activities long after March 18th rolls around. While there is certainly nothing wrong with celebrating the luck of the Irish, you shouldn’t be any less cautious than you would be normally. In fact, you may want to be even more aware than you would be on any other night. With the amount of people that will be out on the town, your...

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What Does Implied Consent Mean For You?

Breathalyzer test

Perhaps the simplest explanation is to say that it means what it sounds like – that by driving on the roads of this state, if you are arrested for DUI, you have impliedly consented to provide a blood, breath, or urine sample at the request of a law enforcement officer.  But it’s not that simple.  You actually have the right to refuse such a test, but there are important consequences that follow. When you are detained for suspicion of driving under the influence in Georgia, you can expect a few things are likely to happen. The police officer will ask if...

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Does 0.03% Really Matter When it Comes to BAC?

In the State of Georgia, and in every other state in the nation, drunk driving is almost completely defined by your blood alcohol content. If you are driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent, you are considered legally drunk. That’s not to say you can’t be arrested for driving erratically after drinking, even with a blood alcohol content under 0.08 percent. For the last few years, the National Transportation Safety Board has been calling for states to lower the legal blood alcohol content to 0.05 percent. It is believed doing so will reduce the number of drunk drivers...

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States with Strictest DUI Laws

Driving under the influence causes more accidents in the United States annually than any other factor. On average, it costs the American economy $60 billion in losses. More importantly, it costs thousands of lives a year. In 2013, the last data year, more than 10,000 people were killed in accidents involving alcohol. This includes more than 1,000 children. Luckily, services like Uber and Lyft have taken a large chunk out of these statistics by offering an affordable alternative to drunk driving. Yet, it is still an issue in our country. That’s why every state has their own set of laws in...

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What the Courts Don’t Tell You About DUI

In Georgia, a driving under the influence charge seems pretty open-and-shut. You were caught driving over the legal limit, you failed a Breathalyzer and now you’re behind bars. You spend a few days in the drunk tank, wait for your sentence and hope for a fine and maybe community service. If you’re unlucky or if this isn’t your first offense, you’re probably looking at more jail time. That’s the way the system works, right? Without proper guidance, yes, that’s the way the system works. But there are a few secrets that can save you a lot of money and trouble. Here...

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Local Teens Seriously Injured in DUI Wreck

There was a serious accident in Dawson County last week and two teens were critically injured. The single vehicle accident took place on Couch Road in the eastern part of the county. According to reports, Kayla Gourlay, 18, is facing two counts of serious injury by vehicle and a single count of driving under the influence. The teenager has also been charged with seatbelt violations, failure to maintain lane, reckless driving and purchasing/possession/manufacturing/distribution of a controlled substance - marijuana. Georgia State Patrol details state that Gourlay was airlifted after the accident and taken to a trauma center in Atlanta. The teen...

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Man Arrested for DUI Twice in 20 Hours

It would seem that being arrested once for driving under the influence would be enough to deter anyone from committing the crime again. It is no surprise, then, that many people were shocked to hear of a Dalton man being arrested twice within a 20 hour period for drinking and driving. According to reports, Robert Wayne Ruggles, 57, was arrested last Wednesday morning. He was charged with driving under the influence after backing into another vehicle as he was pulling out of his apartment complex. He was then arrested on Wednesday evening and again charged with DUI. This time, he was...

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