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Woman’s Unique Excuse Dismisses DUI

Coming up with excuses to beat a DUI charge is not something unheard of. People consider it all the time. What can I do to get out of this? One woman in New York had one of the most inventive excuses given to date and, the catch is, it was true. A charge of drunk driving was dismissed against a woman in New York after doctors testified that her body was a brewery. Doctors say that the woman suffers with “auto-brewery syndrome,” a condition that causes the body to metabolize alcohol differently than other people. After being pulled over in 2014, the...

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Woman Blames Ex for Erratic Driving

A woman blamed her boyfriend for her recent DUI arrest and the judge simply didn’t buy her excuse. She was sentenced to 60 days in the DuPage County jail last week after being found guilty of driving under the influence. According to reports, Alexandra Davit, 26, was driving erratically through Naperville, Illinois. Police witnessed her cross the double yellow line in the road and stopped her shortly after. She was also seen running a stop sign. When police approached the car, they noticed that she had glassy eyes, bloodshot eyes, and a flushed face. Davit denied having consumed any alcohol or intoxicating...

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Teen Showered Before Being Arrested for DUI

Clean getaways are rarely heard of in law circles. Most criminals don’t get away without leaving some trace of evidence behind. This was the case on Christmas Day for a teenager accused of drinking and driving. According to reports, the pursuit started on Old Atlanta Road and continued over several other roads until the driver of the vehicle turned into his driveway. Police observed the teen to be driving erratically at high speeds and on the wrong side of the road. As soon as the teenager made it to his house, he jumped in the shower. The reason why is not...

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Illinois Introduces New DUI Measures

One of the first concerns that people have after being arrested for driving under the influence is losing their driving privileges. In Illinois, first time offenders will now be eligible for limited privileges within their 30-day suspension provided they register to have a breathalyzer installed in their vehicles. As soon as an offender has the device installed in their vehicle, they are given permission to drive at certain times. According to attorneys, this is a better way to regulate drinking and driving without making it impossible for those who rely on their transportation to take care of themselves and their families. Prior...

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GA Judge Modifies DUI Laws

A Georgia administrative judge made a ruling on New Year’s Eve that surprised quite a few people. Alcohol on the breath, hitting a curb and water eyes are not enough to say that a driver is impaired. It is also not enough to yank their driver’s license. The state of Georgia made the news last spring when a Supreme Court ruling said that when drivers are too drunk to give consent to any field sobriety testing, the evidence used against them may be tossed out. The new ruling stands by what the Supreme Court has said. According to the official ruling, a...

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Nighthawks DUI Task Force Awarded Grant

It was good news last week for a specially-trained group of Georgia state troopers. The Nighthawks DUI Task Force will be able to continue the important job of keeping drunk drivers off the road thanks to a grant from The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. It is through the Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic program, HEAT, that the office was able to award the $2.37 million grant. It is not only the task force that will benefit, but those working in the Administrative License Suspension program as well. It was 11 years ago that the task force started focusing its patrols in...

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Drake Bell Arrested for Drunk Driving

People of a certain age will remember Drake Bell for his popular role on Nickelodeon’s “Drake and Josh” which ran from 2004 to 2007. He may now be better known for his recent DUI arrest in Glendale, California. According to reports put forward by several publications, the actor was arrested after being pulled over for speeding and swerving. The police report of the incident says that Bell’s vehicle smelled of alcohol, and that Bell was unable to “satisfactorily complete” field sobriety tests. Police were not forthcoming about which test Bell failed to complete properly or whether he was unable to complete...

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Police Conduct Checkpoints for New Years

Law enforcement officers were out in full force on New Year’s Eve, all with the same goal: Prevent unsafe motorists from injuring or, worse, ending the lives of other drivers on the road. The Cherokee Sheriff’s Office Traffic Enforcement Unit conducted safety checkpoints the night of the holiday. It was their goal to make sure that everyone got home safely. The deputies were looking first and foremost for impaired drivers and those not wearing their seatbelts as they passed through the checkpoints. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety said that in 2014, there were just under 9,000 crashes in the state that involved alcohol....

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“Bachelor” Contestant Arrested for Drunk Driving

Red Rose

Anyone who has watched “The Bachelor” knows that they can expect some exciting back stories from the contestants. They also know that the first night of the show will be one of the best. The show, now in its 20th season, is undoubtedly one of the most popular on television. But just where do those bachelorettes come from, and what are their stories? If you are a fan of reality television, you are well aware that people can be given any type of character the directors choose. With a few snips in the editing booth, a bachelorette can be made a...

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GA Police Encourage Sober Driving

One of the biggest holidays of the year occurred last week and police were out in full force. Law enforcement had warned party goers that police would be easy to spot, and they certainly were. According to the Georgia Department of Public Safety, New Year’s ran from 6 p.m. Thursday through twelve in the morning on Sunday. That period of time is considered one of the busiest travel times of the year. The primary objective for police this past holiday weekend? To make local highways and roadways safer for travelers. While most impaired drivers were expected to have alcohol in their system,...

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