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Woman Tries to Dodge DUI Charge

Doctor and surgeon examining x-ray film of patient 's head for brain, skull or eye injury

A New Jersey woman came up with quite an inventive story to avoid her companion being hit with a charge of driving under the influence. According to police reports, the woman came up with a story of being attacked as a reason that she had to leave a Wayne bar. Hayley Oates, of Parsippany, was charged with filing false reports to law enforcement and creating a false public alarm. According to reports, the 25-year-old woman called 911 and told dispatchers that she had been attacked in the parking lot of Mother’s Ale House. She said the person who had attacked her...

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Reality TV Star Arrested for DUI

Beautiful view of icy road

Matt Brown, one of the stars of “Alaskan Bush People,” was arrested for driving under the influence. Viewers of the show know that the Brown family claims to live in the wilderness. They also claim to live many miles from everyday civilians. Yet that didn’t stop Matt from finding ways to get in trouble with the law. According to a report released by Juneau Police, Matt was pulled over just before five in the morning on August 30, 2013; this information was only recently revealed. A witness claimed that the man had hit a motorcycle in the parking lot. Responding officers...

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Georgia Police to Upgrade Breathalyzers

The time is drawing near for every law enforcement agency in Georgia to replace their breathalyzer machines. Agencies will now be required to upgrade the machines that they have been using for the last 20 years. The current model in use, the Intoxilyzer 5000, will be replaced statewide by the Intoxilyzer 9000. Some departments across the state have already replaced their machines. The upgrades began a couple of years ago, but at the start of the New Year, the 5000 model will no longer be considered a valid instrument. People may jump to the conclusion that the 5000 does not work or that...

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NJ State Trooper Arrested for DUI


A New Jersey state policeman has found himself on the wrong side of the law after being accused of driving under the influence, drinking while driving and crashing into a civilian’s car. According to reports, the on-duty officer, Sgt. Michael Roadside, had the smell of alcohol on or about his person, was out of sorts and was wearing his uniform inside-out. He can be hard on dashcam video telling a fellow officer, “I had prostate surgery. I’m on anesthesia right now.” The victim in the accident, Kimberly Wilson, said that she knew something was going on with Roadside. Wilson reports that he...

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Drunk Bus Driver Arrested for DUI

When you allow your children to go on a school field trip, you assume that they will be well looked after and returned to you as healthy and as safe as they were when they left. It’s a fair assumption to make. Parents in Trappe, Maryland were less than pleased when they found out that their children were in the hands of a drunk driver. According to reports, 30 middle school children and 10 adults took a trip to Calvert Cliffs last week. The children boarded their charter bus after their tour and set off for Bennett Middle School in Wicomico...

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Officer Thanked by Man He Arrested for DUI

Police aren’t often thanked by the people they arrest, but that is exactly what happened to a Tyrone Police Officer last week. According to a report from Tyrone Police Department, Sgt. Jacob Collins pulled a man over after the man drove down Highway 47 in the wrong lane. The man was, in fact, in the turn lane and continued straight, running off the road. The driver of the vehicle was subsequently arrested for driving under the influence. Police Chief Brandon Perkins got a letter in the mail on Monday from the man that Collins arrested. It said, in part, “I was severely...

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When It Comes to DUI, a Name Is Just a Name

There is little doubt that The Ohio State University has one of the most popular football teams there is. That popularity didn’t do much for quarterback J.T. Barrett when he was pulled over on November 12. According to TMZ Sports, Barrett was pulled over at a DUI checkpoint on Halloween and pulled the, "Do you know who I am?" card. Reports indicated that Barrett was pulled away from the line at the checkpoint because an officer could smell alcohol on or about his person. The young football player insisted he had had nothing to drink. Field sobriety tests were given, and...

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DUI Driver Kills Unlikely Victims

Flock of Sheep

It is not unusual to hear of people driving while intoxicated. It is also not unheard of for people to flee the scene of an accident for one reason or another. What does tend to make news is when the accident is a bit unusual. According to reports, Lynn Ann Michel, 47, was driving westbound on Rio Grande County Road 8 South. Michel somehow ran into a herd of sheep, killing 38 and injuring 12 more. The woman fled the scene of the accident, but was eventually found by troopers. State police say that the troopers were able to track the...

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Hollywood Star Arrested for DUI

John Stamos, perhaps best known for his roles on “General Hospital” and “Full House,” was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol on June 12. According to reports, Stamos was driving observed to be driving erratically and subsequently pulled over. It was later determined at the hospital that he was under the influence of an intoxicating substance. On Tuesday of last week, an attorney representing Stamos appeared in court without the actor. The attorney entered a plea of no contest on behalf of Stamos. As a result of the plea, he actor was immediately served with a three year probation sentence....

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Football Leads to Busy Weekend for Cops

The Georgia-Georgia Southern weekend is always a popular one in the state, especially among college students and fans of collegiate sports. The big game is not without its after-parties and celebrations, and this year was no different. According to the Athens-Clarke County police blotter, the following calls took place after the game. A 22-year-old Watkinsville man was placed under arrest for driving under the influence and improper backing. It was reported that the man was unable to walk and turn and told police that he was drunk after being asked to perform a field sobriety test. It is not known whether the...

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