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College Football Player Arrested Under Suspicion of DUI

According to the Riley County Police Department, Cre Moore, 20, a Kansas State football player, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. It was reported that Moore was arrested early Sunday morning after striking a pole and a privately-owned stairwell in Manhattan with his pickup truck. The football player was not injured in the accident, and it was not reported that he had any passengers in his vehicle. His vehicle sustained major damage to the front end, including portions of the driver’s side and side wheel. Moore was found to have what authorities believe were pills identified as depressants....

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New Device “Reads” Drunk Driver’s Pupils

An intelligent teenager from Wichita Falls, Texas has invented a device that can “read” a drunk driver by detecting how dilated the person’s pupils are. Krishna Reddy, 13, is one of 10 children who have qualified as finalists in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. The competition is held each year and has a purse of $25,000. The finals will be held Monday and Tuesday of this week. Breathalyzers are typically relied on to determine whether or not people are intoxicated. The breath sample can tell authorities if someone has had something to drink, but not if they have other drugs...

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Uber to Install Breathalyzer Kiosks

The popular ridesharing company Uber has made a major announcement and it has to do with getting drunk drivers off the road. The announcement marks the first service of this kind to be launched, and residents of Seattle are looking forward to its start. Beginning later in the fall, Uber will install kiosks in random areas throughout Seattle. Anyone who has been drinking and feels as though it would be too risky to drive is invited to step inside the closest kiosk. Visitors will then blow into a Breathalyzer device. If they register on the machine, they will be given a...

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Car Strikes Utility Pole Due to DUI

A 2014 Mazda hit a pole early Saturday morning on East 12th Street. According to Rome police officer Brandon Pledger, it took a bit of time to determine what exactly happened. Originally, police were told that Cody Lee Barron, 25, was the driver of the vehicle. Upon investigating the accident, police determined that the actual driver was Jonathon Duke, Jr., 21, of Rome. First thought to be the passenger, officers were able to ascertain that he was the driver that caused the vehicle to crash into the utility pole. Duke was ultimately charged with driving too fast for conditions, obstruction, DUI, driving...

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Reality Star Arrested for DUI in Los Angeles

A high angle view of street intersection, with yellow cross walk markings, traffic signal lights, and curb cuts

Driving a black Mercedes Benz, Malika Haqq was arrested for DUI in Los Angeles last week. The reality star, and best friend of Khloe Kardashian, was cited for drunk driving after she wrecked her car on the 101 freeway just after 3:00 a.m. According to reports released by the California Highway Patrol, Haqq, 32, showed “objective symptoms of intoxication” after her arrest. The woman was booked and released with a $30,000 bail. A report by the popular news program TMZ said that Haqq was driving from a birthday party at the time of the accident. Haqq has been seen on Keeping...

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Miami-Dade County Commissioner Arrested for DUI


When you choose to run for political office, and you are elected to the position you were seeking, it is important to remember that the same laws apply to you as to your constituents. No political figure is above the law and, in fact, some are held to a higher standard than the average person. Miami-Dade County Commissioner Jose “Pepe” Diaz discovered this when he was arrested for DUI in Key West. According to reports, Diaz was pulled over by police for speeding while driving his motorcycle. The police report filed by the arresting officer stated that Diaz had an odor...

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Popular MTV Star Arrested in Downtown Athens

A star of MTV’s popular “The Real World: Sydney” and “The Challenge” was arrested in downtown Athens after the vehicle he was driving got hung up on a retaining wall. Cohutta Lee Grindstaff called a towing company around 12:30 a.m. Monday morning for assistance. The towing company, in turn, called local police. During the phone call to the towing company, Grindstaff urged dispatch to have a driver there before the police showed up. Thanks to the towing company, an officer responded first, noting that an F-150 was backed over and stuck on the retaining wall. He then was observed to be...

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Oil Heir Arrested for Driving Under The Influence

Hilary Duff’s ex-husband, Mike Comrie was seen drinking at a sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills with oil heir Brandon Davis who wrecked his car following the dinner. According to police, Davis was the only person in the vehicle at the time of the accident, and no bystanders were injured. Entertainment Tonight reports that the car Davis was driving flipped multiple times before coming to a rest. Officers who responded to the scene said that Davis was responsive but taken to the hospital via ambulance. Shortly after he was released from the hospital on Friday, Davis was arrested for driving under the...

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Sanitation Worker Arrested for DUI

A DeKalb County Sanitation Department worker was arrested for DUI, lost his job, and then got this job back, according to an investigative report that was recently released. According to one county commissioner, the events that transpired after the arrest crossed the line. Not only was the employee arrested for DUI, but he was arrested for driving under the influence while on the job. This information has prompted Commissioner Nancy Jester to ask why. According to the report, the worker was arrested while on the job and was not required to pay the vehicle impound fee. Instead, county tax dollars were...

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Dawsonville Woman Crashes Car

A woman from Dawsonville was arrested Saturday afternoon after she crashed her car into a sign, overturned, and struck a tree in downtown Dawsonville. Tammy Kramer, 51, was transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center with injuries that were not deemed life threatening. According to Georgia State Patrol spokeswoman Robin Stone, Kramer admitted to driving the car, but she claimed to not remember crashing. Kramer was ultimately charged with DUI and more charges may be forthcoming. In addition to wrecking her car, officers made note that Kramer’s tires were worn so low that they were not street legal. The investigation into the accident showed...

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