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Ex Basketball Star Ordered to Pay for Dead Tree

Many people have heard of restitution being ordered after a vehicle collision. People are forced to pay for others’ medical bills, lost wages, or even damaged property. Jayson Williams, ex-Nets star, will be paying restitution to the city of Manhattan, but not for something you may think. Williams will be forking over money to pay for a tree that he killed. Williams was arrested in 2010 for running his SUV into a honey locust tree on Avenue C in Manhattan. The basketball star was found to have a blood-alcohol content that was more than double the legal limit. As police arrived...

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Daughter Turns in Mother for DUI

A daughter, so concerned for her personal safety and that of others on the road, had her own mother turned in for driving under the influence of alcohol. The woman begged the clerk at a convenience store to call 911 before her mother hurt someone. A dash cam video recorded the traffic stop and arrest that ultimately followed that phone call. The video shows Donna Dodgen, 52, of Thomaston, Georgia, having difficulty passing field sobriety tests. In the officer’s report, he states that he smelled a strong odor of alcohol on the woman’s breath. There is nothing out of the ordinary about...

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Councilman Arrested for DUI


Monday night’s council meeting was nothing of note for the city of Shively. What was cause for a stir was the arrest of Councilman Ronnie Wathen for driving under the influence shortly after the meeting. Whether a mayor, a councilman or a police officer, we hold public servants to a higher standard. Right or wrong, we tend to put these people on pedestals, thinking that they are somehow more responsible than the rest of us. Wathen’s arrest serves as a reminder that no one is above the law, and anyone can make a poor decision. According to reports, Wathen spoke at the...

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Athens DUI Court One of a Kind

If you have never heard of the Athens DUI Drug Court, it is worth learning about. The court is the first of its kind in the state, and is one of only four in the country. The court not only works to take drunk drivers off of the road, but it goes a step further. The ultimate goal of the court is to make sure that people are able to beat their addictions. Just this month, the court held training sessions for officials from North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas and other cities in Georgia. All are interested in starting similar programs in...

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WellStar’s New Policy on Drawing Blood From Patients

New and Strict Guidelines on Drawing Blood WellStar Health System has said it will no longer allow its medical staff to draw blood from conscious DUI suspects without their consent. Even though a court order can force a suspect to comply, there is no forcing the hospital to do so. Prosecutors and law enforcement officials in Douglas, Cobb, Paulding and Cherokee counties are criticizing this new policy for hampering in their effort to put drunk drivers away. Even if police have a search warrant, the hospital is not required to comply. Cobb County Solicitor General Barry Morgan told reporters that blood tests...

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Antiques Roadshow Appraiser Arrested for DUI

Leigh Keno, the popular antiques appraiser from “Antiques Roadshow,” has been granted participation in a weekend alcohol education program after a brief hearing. Just before Christmas, state police in New Hampshire received a call that a Range Rover was veering all over the road. Police responded to the scene and witnessed the driving for themselves. The silver vehicle was seen crossing lanes, slowing down and speeding up with no cause. Police initiated a traffic stop and approached the vehicle. According to reports, the driver smelled heavily of alcohol and had his 17-year-old son in the front seat. When questioned, the driver who...

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Rhode Island Man Outraged After Mechanic Took His Car Drinking and Driving

Rhode Island Mechanic Takes Customer's Car For a Drunk Joyride A man in Rhode Island is angry after discovering that the mechanic he trusted to service his car instead took it driving after drinking. A six-and-a-half minute video depicts the mechanic driving the man’s 2013 Mazdaspeed3 erratically as a child implores him to stop the vehicle. The start of the video shows the technician, employed by Tasca Automotive Group’s dealership in Cranston, Rhode Island, pushing the accelerator to the floor, redlining the motor. The car was in the shop because its owner, Alex Leach, claimed that it was consuming oil faster than...

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New Georgia Law Could Mean Parole For Small Time Drug Offenders

Parole for Non-Violent Repeat Offenders? A new law in Georgia has allowed some repeat offenders to secure parole sooner than expected. Unfortunately, that same law has allowed non-violent offenders to be ignored. Under the new law, some drug offenders are able to secure parole. People who are in jail serving time for lesser possession charges are not afforded the same opportunity. Those people who have slipped through the cracks are technically felons due to fourth felony convictions; however, they are actually low on the totem pole when it comes to dealing drugs. It was originally thought that forcing long-term jail sentences upon drug...

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Alabama Senator Arrested for DUI

Alabama, unlike Georgia, offers a pre-trial diversion program for DUI offenders. The newest participant in the program is Senator Cam Ward, R-Alabaster. Last week, Ward admitted his guilt to a DUI charge from early July. According to police reports, Senator Ward was arrested after police received calls of a possible drunk driver on Highway 119 just before 1 p.m. An officer with the Alabaster police spotted the suspected vehicle and pulled it over. The driver, later identified as Ward, failed field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest. Ward, along with his attorney, appeared in court Wednesday to answer to his charges....

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Judge Arrested for DUI

When you are convicted of DUI, effects on current employment can be severe. A Broward county judge recently found this out after her own DUI arrest. Judge Cynthia Imperato was convicted of the crime and served 20 days of house arrest. She is currently on probation, and the judge is facing her peers as the Supreme Court of California decides whether she will be permitted to keep her job. The judge has not denied her guilt. She has been candid on the stand, and she has expressed sorrow for her actions and the impact it had on those involved in her...

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