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Accountability Courts in Georgia

Hardcore DUI offenders, or those who are caught driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.15 percent or higher, are being targeted by accountability courts in Georgia and around the country. Also included are those people who have been caught drinking and driving multiple times. Athens, Georgia is home to an academy court that is serving as a national model. Recently, the court hosted a special training program for court personnel and judges. The goal is to get to the root causes of drinking and driving instead of just punishing people with jail time and fines. Current trends tell us that punishment...

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Television Anchor Arrested for DUI

A popular television anchor was arrested and transported to jail over the weekend by the California Highway Patrol. Paula Lopez Ochoa, a Santa Barbara County anchor at KCOY-TV, was charged with DUI and, ultimately, assault on a police officer. Many people consider television anchors to be local celebrities and put them on a type of pedestal. This arrest shows that television personalities are as human as everyone else. The incident began at 8:00 p.m. with a call of a Toyota Prius heading the wrong way on the highway near El Capitan Road. Santa Barbara County deputies and CHP officers arrived on scene...

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Labor Day Weekend Brings DUI Arrests

Labor Day weekend saw 35 arrests made by Georgia State Patrol Troop 40’s DUI Task Force. The 35 people arrested will not be the only ones facing a judge in the coming weeks. That number does not include any arrests made by other troopers throughout the state during the holiday weekend. The task force covered five areas over the holiday: Thomasville, Colquitt, Cuthbert, Americus, and Albany. Despite highly-publicized checkpoints and increased DUI enforcement campaigns, revelers still chose to get behind the wheel of their vehicles. There were no reports of any of those arrested having caused serious injuries or fatalities. According to...

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Georgia High School Coach Arrested for DUI

Right or wrong, coaches are looked up to in our society. They are heroes to some, and mentors to others. Parents expect coaches to be role models of good sportsmanship, respect, and honesty. Unfortunately, many parents in Colquitt County, Georgia were dismayed to find out that high school football coach Steven Figueroa was arrested for DUI. Not just a coach, but a teacher as well, Figueroa was arrested after being found asleep in his vehicle near the corner of South Main Street and 17th Avenue. When he was woken up by a responding officer, Figueroa drove from the scene. Officers were...

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Assistant Football Coach Charged with DUI

When a person starts off their career as an assistant, it is typically because they have aspirations of moving up the ladder. This may or may not have been the case for Georgia defensive graduate assistant coach, Courtney Coard. One thing is for certain: If Coard did have aspirations of moving beyond assistant, they might just have been dashed by his DUI arrest. Coard was booked into Clarke County Jail after being charged with improper driving and driving under the influence. The incident occurred just before 3 a.m., when a police officer noticed his 2008 Nissan Maxima to be weaving. In police...

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Judge Recommends Disbarment for Tampa Three

Three Tampa lawyers have been in the news lately for their part in a DUI setup scandal. On Thursday, the judge presiding over the case recommended that each be permanently disbarred from ever practicing law again. The judgment comes after a lengthy and much-publicized trial. The lawyers’ defense argued that the three were merely attempting to aid police in getting a drunk driver off of the streets. That defense was soundly rejected by Pinellas Senior Judge W. Douglas Baird. The judge called the attorneys’ actions “inexplicably egregious, spiteful, and malicious.” While Judge Baird made his recommendation, it will now be left in...

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Checkpoints at Bridges on Georgia-Alabama Border

Law enforcement officers from Alabama and Georgia joined forces last Monday to kick off the annual “Hands Across the Border” operation. This year marks the 24th anniversary of the initiative, and officers were out in full force to take impaired drivers off the street. Monday’s checkpoints were set up at three bridges: 13th Street Bridge, Oglethorpe Bridge, and Dillingham Bridge. The checkpoints were set up following a gathering of officers at the Columbus Regional Conference Center. The gathering was attended by 134 officers and representatives of the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. Despite the annual operation, traffic fatalities continue to rise....

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DUI Checkpoints Increasing in Atlanta over Labor Day Weekend

Hands Across the Border

You have earned everything that you have. You work hard, and you deserve to play harder. Labor Day weekend is fast approaching, and you will be spending time with friends and family. Do not let your celebrations lead to poor decisions that can have a negative impact on all facets of your life. Law enforcement officials will be hitting the streets and highways in full force this holiday. Their goal? To prevent drunk driving. Expect to see an increase in DUI checkpoints and general patrols throughout Atlanta. Last year saw more than 1,200 injuries and 15 fatalities on the state’s roads....

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Georgia Teams up with Neighboring States to Increase DUI Checkpoints Labor Day Weekend

The Labor Day holiday is swiftly approaching, and friends and family throughout the state will be gathering for picnics, sports events, and other gatherings. Friends and families, however, are not the only ones who have big plans for this holiday weekend. Across Georgia and neighboring states, law enforcement officers will be pulling resources for the 24th annual Hands Across the Border campaign. This week, and through the weekend, state troopers, sheriff’s deputies, and police officers will set up checkpoints along state lines and elsewhere. Their goal: to catch impaired drivers entering and exiting Georgia and travelling elsewhere on the roadways. Drivers...

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Atlanta News Station Recirculates Josh Gordon DUI by Accident

Your reputation is everything. After all, you have taken years to build and refine it. One mistake made public can ruin what you have worked so hard to uphold. In today’s fast-paced, technological age, news spreads like wildfire and information can circulate on the Internet for years. If you are arrested for DUI, hiding the details can be close to impossible. Just ask Josh Gordon. Recently, Gordon, a player with the NFL, had his reputation mistakenly tarnished by news organization in Atlanta. While revamping their website, the station recirculated the story of Gordon’s 2014 DUI arrest via Twitter. Those who read...

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