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Top Ten Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclist convoy pass through the highway

A motorcycle accident can result in severe injuries and, in the most serious incidents, death. Protecting yourself when you ride your bike is about more than just wearing the right safety gear; it's about knowing how and when an accident may occur. In that vein, here are the top ten causes of motorcycle accidents and what you may be able to do to avoid them. 1. Car Turning Left This is the most common cause of motorcycle collisions in the United States. You are driving along, and a car in the lane to your right decides to make a left turn. You...

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What You Need to Know About Brain Injuries

Closeup of brain MRI scan result

The brain is literally responsible for everything we do, whether it is a conscious choice or an involuntary one. That is what makes a brain injury, in part, so traumatic. A brain injury can range from the mild concussion to the debilitating traumatic brain injury. In some cases, a brain injury could lead to death. How Brain Injuries Occur A brain injury is the result of a sudden blow or jolt to the head in most cases. In some instances, the injury is caused by an object that pierces or shatters the skull. For example, a football player may be injured when...

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Do Bar Closing Times Affect DUI Rates?

HSK Do Bar Closing Times Affect DUI Rates screencap

We all know the old saying, or maybe the song: “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.” Nearly every city and/or state across the United States mandates bars close at a certain time. For instance, Georgia’s bar closing times are set by each county. However, anywhere you go in the state you’ll likely find the same closing time: 2 a.m. Besides different areas that set these laws based on local morals, there is another perceived benefit: DUI rates. Different states and municipalities base their laws off of the belief that if they limit the amount of time...

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Officer Crashes Into Pole

damaged automobile after collision

An officer with the Atlanta Police was injured on February 21 when his cruiser struck a power pole. The car then traveled down a wooded embankment before coming to a rest. According to details of the accident, the officer was driving along Joseph E. Boone, responding to a call of a stolen vehicle. The cruiser lost traction on a curve near Westchester Boulevard. The cruiser left the roadway, hit a power pole and then slid down the embankment. Pictures released of the scene show the police car nose-first in bushes and brush. The accident left more than 1,000 customers without power...

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NFL Linebacker Killed in Crash

American football game

Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson will forever be remembered by friends, family and fans alike. The football player was killed in an accident and laid to rest just before Valentine's Day in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. According to police reports, a man from Guatemala was driving a truck while under the influence of alcohol. The man did not maintain control of his vehicle and caused the crash that resulted in the death of the football star. The man in the ruck did not remain on scene, and will be charged with multiple criminal violations. Jackson and a friend had pulled to...

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Child Struck While Crossing Street for School Bus

School Bus Stop Sign

On February 16, a mother and her small daughter were struck by a car while they were crossing the street so the child could get on a school bus. The child later passed away from her injuries. According to reports, the mother was holding the child in her arms as they crossed Rays Road at Central Drive. A vehicle struck the pair, and the 38-year-old driver of that car was taken into custody. Charges against the driver are pending, according to police. Officials say that the driver was traveling northbound on Rays Road and had the green light. The school bus...

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Accident Takes Life of High School Student

Driving onto a Highway at Sunset

Just days before Valentine's Day, a homecoming queen was killed in a vehicle accident in Dawson County. The high school senior was driving when her vehicle collided with a semi truck just a mile from where she attended school. The young woman from Dawsonville was only 18 years old. According to the Georgia State Patrol, the young woman was driving west on Ga. 53 in a 2002 Honda CRV. A semi truck was heading east at the same time. The young woman approached a curve in the highway and "failed to negotiate" it appropriately, losing control of her SUV. She veered...

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Can Minors Attend a Party If Alcohol Is Present?

Can Minors Attend a Party If Alcohol is Present

You are at a party with your adult friends, having a good time. You and your friends are consuming alcohol, as you are legally able to do, when you notice that a person who looks a little too young to drink walks through the front door. Do you have to stop drinking? Do you have to ask the new guest to leave? Adults who are behaving in a legal manner are not expected to stop enjoying themselves if minors are present or arrive at the gathering. That said, it is typically a wise idea to have at least one sober adult...

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3 Common Types of Tax Fraud

White Collar Crime

No one looks forward to tax day. Even if you believe you will get a huge refund, the filling out and filing of forms can be nerve wracking. What if you forget something? Is making an honest mistake the same as committing fraud? The good news is that, no. The IRS won't come knocking on your door because you transposed a number or forgot to include income from one of your multiple W2s. They will, however, get in touch with you by mail, never by phone) and ask you to make the necessary corrections. That's for the normal, everyday taxpayer. What...

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Ice Blamed for Office-Involved Accident

Snowy covered and curvy asphalt road on a winter morning

A police officer in Atlanta was sent to the hospital last week after she was hit by a car that lost control near Lenox Square Mall. The officer sustained injuries, but was able to radio for help. According to reports, the officer was on Lenox Road working an accident. She was in the median, standing next to a parked SUV. A driver exiting the Ga. 400 ramp did not negotiate the turn properly due to road conditions and struck the SUV. The SUV then slid into the officer, who fell to the ground. The officer was able to radio for help...

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