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Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > In the News > UGA Student Arrested for DUI in Parked Car

UGA Student Arrested for DUI in Parked Car

tampa threeYou work hard as a student. Days are spent attending classes, and nights are spent cramming for exams. It only makes sense that you want to blow off steam now and then. While there is nothing wrong with going out with friends for a pizza and, if you are of legal age, an alcoholic beverage or two, making poor decisions can have an effect on the rest of your life.

A University of Georgia student found herself under arrest for DUI last week. Surprisingly to some, the woman was not caught driving. Instead, Katherine Jean Nicolella, 21, was discovered passed out behind the wheel of her SUV on South Milledge Avenue. She was parked outside of Peppino’s Pizza when she was located by police.

According to reports, Nicolella first told police that she thought she was at home. The woman then changed her story, telling officers she believed she was at a friend’s house. She then admitted to driving to the pizzeria. Officers administered an Alco-Sensor breath test which indicated that Nicolella had a BAC, or blood-alcohol concentration, of .2 percent. The young woman consented to a blood draw for confirmation of the breath test.

Many people believe that they must be driving a vehicle while intoxicated to be charged with DUI. The truth of the matter is that you only need to be in control of the vehicle. If you are passed out behind the wheel, and the keys are in the ignition, police have probably cause to arrest you for driving under the influence if they believe that you have been drinking.

If you find yourself in the back seat of a patrol car and accused of driving under the influence, contact Hawkins Spizman Fortas for assistance as quickly as possible. Our attorneys have experience representing hundreds of clients arrested for DUI. We will put our knowledge of DUI law to work as we stand by your side during the legal process. We are here to protect your rights.

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