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Atlanta Man Charged with Arson in I-85 Collapse

firefighter fighting fire

The news of the Interstate 85 highway fire in North Atlanta that resulted in that same roadway's collapse made national headlines. At first, officials were not sure what had caused the blaze that destroyed part of the highway. It was only after an investigation that it was discovered that arson was the cause of the fire. According to information released to the press, the Atlanta man accused of starting the fire, Basil Eleby, claims that he had left the area before the flames set in. People who know the man accused of the crime say that he has been in and...

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What Constitutes Arson


Most people know that arson involves fire, but many don’t know exactly what constitutes arson. There are many types of crimes that fall under the “arson” umbrella. These include setting fire to your own property with the intent to commit fraud. In most cases, arson is a felony due to its serious nature and the risk of injury or death. Degrees of Arson There are different degrees of arson. The manner in which a person is charged depends on several factors, including whether or not the structure was occupied and whether fraud was the intent. Lesser degrees of arson may be subject...

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