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Criminal Damage to Property

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Understanding What Vandalism Really Is

Human hand holding a graffiti Spray can in front of a colorful wall

We've all heard of vandalism, but not everyone knows what it really is. This crime has an interesting history. Way back in 455 A.D., the Roman empire was invaded by a group of Germanic tribesman. The tribesman burned and pillaged their way through the empire. The name of the group? The Vandals. Their actions gave a name to the act of destroying or damaging the property of another and today, the crime of vandalism is on the books in every state. What It Is Vandalism occurs when a person willfully destroys or damages the property of another. It covers any physical blemish,...

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Am I Allowed to Protest in the Streets?

A general image of unidentified people protesting

The First Amendment of the Constitution gives people the right to have their voices heard. People are permitted to peacefully assemble and make their concerns known. In the aftermath of the recent presidential election, hundreds have taken to the streets to voice their opinions. In many cases, these assemblies have been peaceful. In other cases, the protests have turned into riots and caused property damage and injuries. While people certainly have the right to assemble and shout their opinions to the masses, they do not have the right to damage anyone's property. There are guidelines that dictate how protests should be...

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Adding Property Damage On Top of a DUI


Being involved in a drunk driving accident is frightening. Not only are you worried about being charged with driving under the influence, but you may have the additional fear that you hurt someone. Once you discover that no one was injured or killed in your incident, you can take a deep breath and relax a bit. But you aren't completely in the clear. Even causing property damage can add additional penalties onto your sentence if you are convicted. The Costs People who are convicted of a DUI find it to be expensive. There are fines, court costs and other expenses. If you...

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