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Distracted Driving

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Top Ten Causes of Distracted Driving

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On March 29, 2018, the Georgia General Assembly approved House Bill 673. This bill will prohibit certain activities, especially ones involving technological devices, from taking place behind the wheel. You will now be prohibited from holding or supporting a telecommunications or electronic device; you will not be allowed to write, send or read a text-based communication while holding the device, and you cannot reach for the device or watch some type of video in the vehicle that is not related to its navigation. Recording a video while driving is also not allowed. Drivers may utilize handheld electronic devices in cases...

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Drivers and Dashboard Distraction Study Released

blank navigation screen on dashboard inside a car

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a recent study has found that complicated screens on dashboards are proving to be a distraction. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has found that technology in today's vehicles could be putting people at higher risk for traffic collisions. The study was released early this month and looked at InVehicle Information Systems. The study attempted to determine just how complicated these screens are to operate and how distracting they prove to be. The study found that no matter the make and model of the vehicle, all in-dash information systems prove to be distracting for drivers. While some are more...

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Study of Distracted Driving Underway

man using phone while driving the car

Late in 2011, a man texted his fiancee to tell her that he was nearly home. It was reported that he was only four minutes from the woman's home when he sent a text that said: "I'm almost there." The man never made it. Just moments after sending the text, the man was involved in a fatal accident. According to reports, the 20-year-old man was a student at The Art Institute of Atlanta. He crossed the center line and crashed head-on into another vehicle just off Ga. 316. The crash occurred at 45 miles per hour. The man died in the...

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1 Killed, Others Injured in Car Wreck

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Life truly can change in an instant, as the old saying goes. A group of young people learned this lesson in a tragic way earlier this month. A car with four people inside ran a stop sign in Bartow County. The 17-year-old driver sped through the intersection at GA 20 and Burnt Hickory Connector, smashing into an SUV. While most of the passengers suffered some level of injury, the passenger in the seat behind the driver was killed. Witnesses to the accident stopped to help all six people involved. The first went to the SUV, but the couple only seemed to...

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Student Urges Drivers to Stay Focused on the Road

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It takes mere seconds for an accident to occur and change the lives of those involved forever. Such was the case on the Douglasville Highway just before Christmas. A teenager and his friends were in a vehicle at what the teenager describes as the wrong place and the wrong time. When the car the group was riding in was hit head on, the teen, who had recently taken midterms and was looking forward to Christmas break, became the victim of a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed. The teen remains unable to move from the chest down. Once planning on...

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HSK Georgia Ranks High for Distracted Drivers

Beautiful young woman distracted while driving

The app company Life360 ranked Georgia as seventh in the nation when it comes to distracted driving, according to a report released in March. The report, in addition to other data, has led police to ramp up their efforts to decrease the habit in their jurisdictions. According to reports, Life360 looked at cities for a period of time that lasted six weeks. The study ended in the middle of March. During that time, researchers found that drivers in Atlanta were more likely to use their cell phones behind the wheel than those in some other areas. The average driver in Atlanta...

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