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Myths About White Collar Crime

businessman holding money, wearing handcuffs. white collar crime concept

Open up the newspaper or turn on your computer, and chances are high that you will see a story about a government official or banker on the front page (or at least headlining the finance section). Often it’s because of some new business opportunity or something similar, but there’s also a good chance that person is in the news for committing a “white collar crime.” These kinds of financially-motivated, nonviolent crimes continue to be a problem in America. Thanks to portrayals in media, there are plenty of myths surrounding white collar crime that are stuck in the minds of the general...

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Top 5 Most Notorious White Collar Criminals


White-collar crimes, unlike blue-collar crimes, always involve money in some way or another. The goal of a white-collar criminal is financial gain at the expense of another. Embezzlement, fraud and other schemes aim to make the criminal wealthy while the victim experiences a loss. White collar crimes occur on a daily basis, but here are five of the most notorious cases of all time. 1. Martin Frankel Most investment bankers don't rely on astrology to inform their trading decisions. When this happens, you have issues on your hands. Martin Frankel used astrology to decide when to trade, eventually defrauding people of more...

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