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Child Struck While Crossing Street for School Bus

School Bus Stop Sign

On February 16, a mother and her small daughter were struck by a car while they were crossing the street so the child could get on a school bus. The child later passed away from her injuries. According to reports, the mother was holding the child in her arms as they crossed Rays Road at Central Drive. A vehicle struck the pair, and the 38-year-old driver of that car was taken into custody. Charges against the driver are pending, according to police. Officials say that the driver was traveling northbound on Rays Road and had the green light. The school bus...

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Accident Takes Life of High School Student

Driving onto a Highway at Sunset

Just days before Valentine's Day, a homecoming queen was killed in a vehicle accident in Dawson County. The high school senior was driving when her vehicle collided with a semi truck just a mile from where she attended school. The young woman from Dawsonville was only 18 years old. According to the Georgia State Patrol, the young woman was driving west on Ga. 53 in a 2002 Honda CRV. A semi truck was heading east at the same time. The young woman approached a curve in the highway and "failed to negotiate" it appropriately, losing control of her SUV. She veered...

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Multi-Car Accident on I-75 Results in Fatality

Directional signs along US Interstate I-75

A frightening accident occurred on I-75 on New Year's Eve morning. A woman lost her life as a result of injuries sustained in the collision. According to reports from the Marietta Police, a woman was driving northbound on I-75 when she lost control of her vehicle. She ended up spinning around and stopped facing the wrong way. The woman was attempting to move her vehicle when she was struck by a Toyota Corolla. As a result of the initial crash, the woman's vehicle was disabled. The woman left her vehicle to stand at the center wall of the highway. Her car...

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Flying Tire Strikes Motorist

Pickup Truck Wheels and Tires Closeup Photo

A woman traveling down Georgia 400 was hit by, not a another vehicle, but a flying tire that came from the opposite side of the roadway. The woman lost her life as a result of the incident. According to police who investigated the scene, the woman was traveling in the southbound lane of Georgia 400. A man driving a pickup truck in the northbound lane lost a wheel and tire. The wheel and tire flew over the median wall and into the woman's windshield. The woman died as a result of her injuries. The driver was the only person in the car...

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Train Collides with… House?

train derailment

It was an accident that no one could have expected. A train derailed on Thursday in Atlanta, and a car from the train was sent careening into a nearby home, destroying it and leaving its occupants trapped inside. According to reports, a man was asleep in his bedroom at around 3:00 a.m. It was then that the man was startled awake by a large rumble and discovered that a train had crashed into his home. Luckily, the man sustained only minor injuries. Witnesses say that the man is fortunate to have escaped with his life. A total of fourteen cars on the...

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Tiger Threatens Residents of Atlanta

beautiful Bengal tiger

It was a sight no Atlanta resident ever expected to see: A tiger walking down neighborhood streets. Several residents of a metro neighborhood called 911 after spotting the jungle cat walking past their residences. According to reports of the incident, the tiger named Suzy had escaped the truck she was being transported in. Feld Entertainment was contracted to move the tiger from Tampa to Memphis, and the truck driver made an overnight stop in Georgia. Suzy's caretakers last saw her on Tuesday night when they checked the truck. The drivers did not realize that the tiger was not in her enclosure...

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Preparing for Hurricane Irma

Water coming over the streets in Kemah during Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Irma was located in the Atlantic Ocean just as people in Houston and the surrounding areas were putting the pieces back together following Hurricane Harvey. The discovery of the storm led officials to begin tracking it and warning residents of Texas that they may be in for another hit. As the storm picked up power and inched its way toward the United States, its predicted track was altered slightly. The storm is now expected to strike Florida and the lower East Coast. People that reside in these areas are being advised to prepare for a storm that is expected to...

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Staying Safe on St. Patricks Day

St. Patrick’s Day is cause for celebration, if you are like millions of people around the world, you will be partying with friends and family this holiday. Unfortunately, if you are like thousands, you will be paying for your activities long after March 18th rolls around. While there is certainly nothing wrong with celebrating the luck of the Irish, you shouldn’t be any less cautious than you would be normally. In fact, you may want to be even more aware than you would be on any other night. With the amount of people that will be out on the town, your...

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Local Teens Seriously Injured in DUI Wreck

There was a serious accident in Dawson County last week and two teens were critically injured. The single vehicle accident took place on Couch Road in the eastern part of the county. According to reports, Kayla Gourlay, 18, is facing two counts of serious injury by vehicle and a single count of driving under the influence. The teenager has also been charged with seatbelt violations, failure to maintain lane, reckless driving and purchasing/possession/manufacturing/distribution of a controlled substance - marijuana. Georgia State Patrol details state that Gourlay was airlifted after the accident and taken to a trauma center in Atlanta. The teen...

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Man Arrested for DUI Twice in 20 Hours

It would seem that being arrested once for driving under the influence would be enough to deter anyone from committing the crime again. It is no surprise, then, that many people were shocked to hear of a Dalton man being arrested twice within a 20 hour period for drinking and driving. According to reports, Robert Wayne Ruggles, 57, was arrested last Wednesday morning. He was charged with driving under the influence after backing into another vehicle as he was pulling out of his apartment complex. He was then arrested on Wednesday evening and again charged with DUI. This time, he was...

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