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Soft Tissue Injuries

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The Most Common Soft Tissue Injuries

The Most Common Soft Tissue Injuries

FAST FACTS  There are more than 12 million vehicle accidents every year. 75% of those injured in collisions still experience symptoms of their injuries six months after the crash. Approximately 20% of victims may have symptoms that worsen. Soft tissue injuries may be the most common types of injuries sustained in car accidents. They are also common after slips and falls, in sporting accidents and in the workplace. A soft tissue injury can be categorized as either acute or overuse. As Atlanta soft tissue injury lawyers, we have represented victims of accidents across all settings and have aggressively sought compensation for...

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Stay Safe with Fireworks This Fourth of July

Stay Safe with Fireworks This Fourth of July feature image

If you live in Georgia and are getting ready to celebrate the Fourth of July, you have a one-up over people in many other states: You can legally purchase and use fireworks. In 2015, the state passed a law that made it legal to do so. Fireworks to include bottle rockets, Roman candles and mortars are permitted. That said, there are some limits as to where and when those fireworks can be lighted. On any day of the year, you can wake up and light fireworks as early as 10 a.m. You'll need to light your last one by 9 p.m....

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Ice Blamed for Office-Involved Accident

Snowy covered and curvy asphalt road on a winter morning

A police officer in Atlanta was sent to the hospital last week after she was hit by a car that lost control near Lenox Square Mall. The officer sustained injuries, but was able to radio for help. According to reports, the officer was on Lenox Road working an accident. She was in the median, standing next to a parked SUV. A driver exiting the Ga. 400 ramp did not negotiate the turn properly due to road conditions and struck the SUV. The SUV then slid into the officer, who fell to the ground. The officer was able to radio for help...

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Fault Still in Question in Atlanta Accident

Traffic-light on sky background

A crash at the intersection of Marietta Boulevard and Tacoma Drive occurred in the morning hours of Monday, December 4. The crash left five people injured, and it involved a semi truck and van. The Atlanta police are still trying to determine who is to be held at fault for the wreck. According to reports, the driver of the van was removed from the vehicle and left in critical condition. Two passengers in the van said that the woman had the green light and was traveling through the intersection when her vehicle was struck. Her current condition is unknown. Three passengers...

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Shots Fired in High School Classroom

Gun in school backpack on wooden table, on bright background

Three students are now facing charges for what could have been a tragic incident inside an Atlanta classroom. According to school police at Banneker High, a student brought a gun to school. That gun was located inside of a box in the student's backpack. The student did not pull out the weapon, instead it was fired accidentally. One student was shot during the incident and that same bullet grazed another student's ankle. The student who was shot said that all she heard was a pop and confusion followed. The girl said that at first, no one knew that it was a...

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Polk County Chief Out of Hospital

Police lights

The chief of the Polk County Police Department was involved in an accident Friday morning. According to reports, the chief was treated and released from the hospital. The chief was heading westbound on Highway 278 on his way to work. He was in front of Polk Medical Center when he noticed a woman and a child walking down the highway. The chief stopped and offered the pair a ride. As the chief was talking to the mother and her child, a vehicle failed to yield and struck his patrol car from behind. The force of the collision knocked the chief's...

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Bus Crash in Atlanta Resuls in Tragedy

map of the world drawn on pavement, person standing near map

Students aboard a bus traveling through Atlanta were excited to be embarking on a mission trip to the continent of Africa, readying themselves to help others. The students from Alabama soon experienced different emotions as their bus was involved in a crash near Atlanta. Several people in the collision were injured and one student lost their life. According to reports, the bus took off from a church in Huntsville, Alabama. The group was en route to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport when they collided with another vehicle. There were high school students and adults on the bus at the time of the collision. Early...

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Bus Driver Charged in Crash

crashed tourist bus

A bus driver involved in a fatal accident has officially been charged. The man who was driving the bus at the time of the crash has been charged with two counts of vehicular homicide and failure to yield. Each of the charges is a misdemeanor. According to reports, the man was driving a bus when he crashed into a car. The bus driver pulled out in front of the car, carrying two brothers on their way to the dentist, and caused the accident. The accident occurred on April 24, 2017. The bus driver has been said to be "devastated" over the...

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Cyclist Who Sustained Injury Worried About Safety

low angle view of cyclist riding mountain bike on rocky trail at sunrise

A man riding his bike in Senoia was hit by a car in March. The driver of the vehicle that struck the cyclist will faced multiple felony charges as a result of the collision and his decisions immediately after. According to reports, a man was riding his bicycle up a hill on March 30. The man was on Gordon Road with other cyclists and was hit by a Honda Fit. The driver, apparently impatient, had passed a small part of the group, honking and yelling as he did. Once the man made it past the group, he turned his car around,...

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New Precedent Set for Dog Bite Cases

American pit bull terrier

Dog bites can result in a variety of mild to severe soft tissue injuries, ranging from lacerations to nerve damage and, in some cases, even broken bones. For those who have been attacked, the incident often ranks as one of the scariest experiences in their lives. Recently, the Georgia Supreme Court made a decision that could make it much easier for victims to recover damages from a dog’s owner after an attack. The court findings essentially came down to one question: Did the owner know the dog had a tendency to attack, or had it shown any dangerous behavior previously? While...

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