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Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

Hawkins Spizman REV whiteIf you have been arrested for driving under the influence, you may have heard a few different rumors about your new found, unfortunate situation. For instance, you may have been told that pleased guilty to a DUI charge is a foregone conclusion, so you should just pay your fine and do your time. After all, it’s your word against the officer’s; the court will always side with the cop, right? This is just one of the many myths surrounding DUIs you may have heard. And, more often than not, you won’t be corrected by any prosecutor or judge.

If you have been accused of driving under the influence, you need advice from experts who know the secrets no one else will tell you. At Hawkins Spizman Fortas, our attorneys have decades of combined experience defending people facing DUI charges. In addition, our defense team includes former prosecutors who know the intricacies of the metro Atlanta court system. They know the weaknesses prosecutors don’t want you to know about in DUI cases, and how an experienced DUI defense lawyer can effectively bring them to light and better your bargaining position.

Don’t be fooled into believing you have no options if you have been arrested for DUI. Our team of attorneys can work on reducing your charges or possibly having them dropped altogether, and if necessary to take your case to trial with the goal of having you found Not Guilty. More importantly, we put a plan in place to help our clients move forward with their lives and move past their DUI charge. To learn more about driving under the influence, including effective defenses, learn whether your attorney is board certified and read about other frequently asked questions.

Get Help from the Top Atlanta DUI Lawyers

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Atlanta, your first call should be to an experienced attorney. The right DUI lawyer defending you in court could be the difference between having your life impacted by the charge or being able to move on and live a successful life after the case is resolved favorably. For more information or to speak with our expert attorneys about your DUI charges, contact us today.