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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Dunwoody Failure To Appear Lawyer

Dunwoody Failure To Appear Lawyer

There are many legitimate reasons why a person may inadvertently miss a court date in Georgia. However, the courts take missing an appearance very seriously, which is why you should address a missed court appearance as quickly as possible with an experienced Dunwoody failure to appear lawyer. At Hawkins Spizman, our team of highly-rated legal professionals is here to assist with legal situations like failure to appear and many other criminal defense matters. To learn more about your legal options, call or contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.

Reasons Why Someone May Fail to Appear

There are many reasons why a person may fail to appearin court that are not willful or an attempt to evade court proceedings. It may not be possible to get out of work or arrange childcare in order to make the court appearance. For those that rely on public transportation, the bus, trains, or other transport may not be operating on time. Even with virtual court appearances, a lack of access to reliable internet could result in failure to appear for a virtual hearing. A defendant or family member may be sick, or a mix-up could have happened in the notification for the next court appearance. Whatever the reason, an experienced defense attorney can help reverse the consequences after a failure to appear.

Consequences of a Failure to Appear

Georgia law provides serious consequences for someone if they fail to appear for a court hearing. The judge in the case can issue a bench warrant, suspend the defendant’s driver’s license, and upon arrest a person can face penalties that include up to three days in jail and a fine up to $200.

A bench warrant can be issued so long as a defendant received notice of their next court date in open court, a notice was mailed to that person’s last known address with the court date information, or if they were informed in writing by someone from the court like a court official or officer. Once a bench warrant is issued, law enforcement is notified state-wide and are authorized to arrest the defendant if located. The driver’s license suspension will remain in place until the defendant completes all elements of their penalties imposed by the court for a failure to appear, including the payment of all fines and fees.

How an Attorney Can Help

A lawyer can work with the court in your case to help resolve a failure to appear situation. They may be able to get your case rescheduled to a different day or be able to settle the case outside of court. An attorney can also assist with helping satisfy the conditions of the court in order to get a driver’s license reinstated and the failure to appear charge removed from a criminal record.

Talk to Our Office Now

If you or someone you know has failed to appear for a court hearing and a bench warrant has been issued it is critical that you speak with an experienced Georgia criminal defense attorney right away. To learn more about your legal options after a failure to appear, call the office or contact us at Hawkins Spizman to schedule a free consultation of your case now.

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