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Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime, it’s crucial to retain a skilled Atlanta criminal defense attorney. Even seemingly minor charges can wreak havoc on your life for years to come. Don’t jeopardize your future by attempting to defend yourself against these alleged crimes. Let the experienced legal team at Hawkins Spizman help. We have a proven track record with numerous types of criminal cases, including DUI, traffic citations, drug charges, theft, domestic violence, and more.

The Importance of Having the Best Defense to Criminal Charges

When you are facing criminal charges in Georgia, it’s imperative to have the best defense possible. The right legal strategy and defense can mean the difference between an acquittal and a conviction. For most people, crafting the proper response on their own behalf is nearly impossible. You lack courtroom experience and are not well-versed in Georgia law. Without understanding how the Georgia criminal and evidence codes work, you will not give yourself much of a chance at an acquittal. That’s why you need to hire a skilled Georgia criminal defense attorney who can.

Responding to Criminal Charges in Georgia

When you are charged with a crime, you have a couple of options for responding to the allegations. Your attorney might suggest arguing for a dismissal due to a lack of sufficient evidence. For example, a savvy Georgia criminal defense attorney might be able to convince the court to exclude evidence because it was gathered in violation of your Fourth Amendment rights. If the judge agrees, it could end your criminal case before it is ever set for trial.

Another option is to enter a plea of no contest or guilty. If your attorney reviews the evidence and concludes that your case is high-risk to take to a trial, they might be able to negotiate a reduced plea deal with the prosecutor assigned to your case. In some situations, you may get your sentence reduced, or it could get you out of serving any time if you agree to plead guilty. Our attorneys have a great deal of experience at plea bargaining to obtain a favorable outcome for our clients without having to face the additional expense and risk of going to trial.

The final option is to plead not guilty. That means your case will be headed to trial. If you are found guilty, your attorney will then shift to fighting to minimize your sentence. However, there may be multiple defenses available in your case, including affirmative defenses. Your attorney’s job at trial is not to prove your innocence, but rather to raise a reasonable doubt as to whether the state can prove you are guilty of the offense(s) charged.

Types of Georgia Criminal Cases We Handle

At Hawkins Spizman, we have years of experience handling a wide variety of criminal matters for our Georgia clients. Some of the most common ones include (in alphabetical order):

Contact Our Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers

When choosing a Atlanta criminal attorney, you want someone with knowledge and experience with the state’s criminal justice system and with cases similar to yours. To learn more about how we can help, contact Hawkins Spizman today. We are former prosecutors and attorneys with decades of criminal law experience. Let us put that knowledge and experience to work for you.

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