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“Exceptional Service”

5.0 stars
Posted by Leslie
December 12, 2018

Justin was a recommendation from a colleague and I couldn’t be more grateful that I found him. From the start he was attentive and thorough and always willing and patient to answer my multiple questions. I highly recommend him and would use his services again if needed.


“Justin is the best!”

5.0 stars
Posted by Diane
November 23, 2018

Justin was there with me every step of the way. He knows everything about dui law and used that knowledge to get me the best possible outcome in my case. Can not recommend him high enough!


“Top Notch”

5.0 stars
Posted by Sam
October 16, 2018

Justin is a great lawyer and an even better guy. He was able to get a potential DUI charge knocked down to reckless driving for me and I greatly appreciate it.
He is approachable, well-connected, and very quick to respond. He was even available to connect on weekends when needed. I do not think he ever stops working.
I will not hesitate to recommend Justin to anyone in need of his services.


“Mike Will Get the Best Possible Result”

5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
October 15, 2018

Mike is extremely knowledgeable and very experienced. Was able to get the case moved to the best venue and negotiated a favorable plea. He knows the law, knows the system and knows the people. It was the best possible choice to hire Mike. He has my highest recommendation.


“Best Possible Choice!”

5.0 stars
October 15 2018

Mike is extremely knowledgeable and very experienced. Was able to get the case moved to the best venue and negotiated a favorable plea. He knows the law, knows the system and knows the people. It was the best possible choice to hire Mike. He has my highest recommendation.


“At the Top of His Game!”

5.0 stars

August 28, 2018

Justin Spizman is has that rare quality of professionalism and personalism found only in someone at the top of their game. I hired Justin to represent and guide me through a difficult situation. I have been in and out of the court system to various degrees most of my adult life. I have retained numerous council for both business and personal situations. I can honestly say that should the need ever arise again, Justin will always be the first phone call. From the first consultation to the handshake after final disposition of my case, I have never come across a better attorney.


“Great Lawyer!”

5.0 stars

August 22, 2018

Great lawyer! Made me feel comfortable about my situation and took care of everything from start to finish and was able to meet all of the goals I had set in our first meeting. Great communication.


Efficient and Proactive!”

5.0 stars

August 13, 2018

Justin not just understands the case and its implications but also has empathy to understand person involved and their families in the unfortunate event. He is very fast in understanding the case, analyzing and pre-meditating events to find a solution. He is mostly available to answer questions, if not he will let us know good time. Office staff is polite, very efficient and proactive.


“Professional – Quick to Respond – Well Connected – Great Outcome”

5.0 stars
Posted by Melissa
April 5, 2018

Unfortunately this wasn’t my first time dealing with a lawyer and Justin is the best. I went to Justin for help with a misdemeanor theft charge. He was responsive to my emails/calls/texts and told me exactly what I needed to do and know before court. I followed his guidance and upon court he got my the best possible outcome, which neither of us thought would be possible. I cannot thank Justin enough. He took an incredibly stressful event in my life and made it better. If you are looking for someone to represent you, look no further.


“Best in Class DUI Defense”

5.0 stars
Posted by Time
December 15, 2017

I was referred to Mike by a friend of the family after I was arrested for DUI. Mike returned my call immediately and quickly put me at ease about the process I could expect to go through. During our subsequent interview, Mike was straightforward and diligent with his questions. He charted out for me what I could expect in “best case” and “worst case” scenarios. He put a lot of time and attention into personalizing my “story,” which would eventually be presented to the prosecutor, and ultimately, the judge. Mike also did something which I now know was a game-changer: he laid out for me the precise actions I should take between our initial consult and my court appearance that would paint me in the most favorable light with the prosecutor and judge. And by following that “script,” I received the “best case” scenario sentence. Most importantly, however, I was not convicted of a DUI.
Mike’s straight shooter style sets him apart from the average defense attorney and has clearly established his credibility with the prosecutors and judges. His reputation actually precedes him; and he is absolutely fair with his rates. I hope I never need him again. But he would be my first call if I do or anyone I care about ever does.


“Absolutely the attorney you need!”

5.0 stars
Posted by Kelly
December 7, 2017

Justin Spizman is hands-down, without a doubt, the most effective, efficient, and experienced lawyer in his field. He took my unfortunate DUI situation by the horns and guided me through it with ease. I hired him after seeing him in action in the courtroom on my first court appearance. I wasn’t sure if I was going to hire an attorney or not. The way he represented his clients and his presence in the courtroom could not go unnoticed. Many things set him apart from the other attorneys I observed…especially that his background in not just in DUI defense, but he also used to be a prosecutor. With a long list of qualifications, Justin is highly respected and recognized by every judge, lawyer, and member of the courtroom staff. Everyone know his name and is glad to see him which really eases the tension in the courtroom. If you are of the few who don’t already know him as the best lawyer in the state of GA, do not hesitate to make your introduction. You will not be disappointed!!!


“Does exactly what he says he will”

5.0 stars
Posted by John
June 28, 2017

After calling several highly recommended DUI attorneys and being disappointed in their lack of follow up, I was referred to Mike. Was told he’s a little more expensive than the average, but worth it in follow through and results. Hit the nail on the head, because Mike made himself accessible, gave me straight answers, and didn’t pawn me off to an assistant the moment I have him a deposit.
Mike ended up cutting a deal with the arresting officer and prosecutor to drop the DUI charge down to reckless driving with no license suspension. It was a good result considering. The key thing is, Mike made a very difficult situation have a good outcome, and most importantly communicated effectively throughout the process. It amazes me how many attorneys haven’t mastered the client communication skill set. I’d definitely recommend Mike.



5.0 stars
Posted by Erdem
May 18, 2018

Mr. Spizman was kind to take my case. Stayed on top of his game, followed every single paperwork, evidence… showed up on time before I would get to the court. Calm, professional and calculating every step we took together. Because of Mr. Spizman my case ended to favor me, many many thanks to Mr. Spizman, strongly recommended to who would need his services.


“DUI Case”

5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
June 14, 2017

Michael M. Hawkins handled my husband’s DUI case and did a phenomenal job. This was not a normal situation for us since we had never had anything like this happen before and we did not believe that the charges were accurate. Mike, walked us through the process and did a great job of making sure this did not follow my husband into the future. I would be willing to refer him to anyone that needed a top notch attorney!


“Our Beacon of Hope!”

5.0 stars

May 3, 2016

In a difficult situation, Mike was honestly our beacon of hope. Not only is he knowledgeable with thorough experience, he is also friendly, down to earth and can explain things in laymans’ terms. He has been in the business for so long and has forged many relationships with other attorneys, judges, and law enforcement, and has maintained a respected reputation with all parties. We were so impressed with his management of our legal situation, and we always felt understood. We cannot thank Mike enough for his dedication to us and his commitment to seeing us through to a positive outcome.