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Atlanta Student Defense Lawyer

Whether due to the influence of other students, a lack of supervision, or simply bad judgement, young people often make poor choices and end up facing disciplinary action or criminal charges as a result. Having a strong defense is critical in these cases, as the consequences of even a minor error can have far-reaching consequences for the accused. To ensure that your child’s own future isn’t jeopardized due to a juvenile mistake, please call an experienced Atlanta student defense lawyer who can help protect their legal interests.

Common Student Crimes

Juveniles and young adults often lack the wisdom of their elders and so may find themselves in situations that they didn’t expect. It is not uncommon, for instance, for college students to come up against charges of underage alcohol consumption, drug possession, or disorderly conduct. Driving under the influence, sexual misconduct, assault, and vandalism charges are also levied against younger people at a surprisingly high rate.

School Disciplinary Actions

Even when a student doesn’t find him or herself on the wrong side of the law, he or she could end up facing allegations of cheating or an honor code violation that could come with separate disciplinary action. In some cases, a single incident could require a student to defend his or her conduct not only in a school disciplinary proceeding, but also in criminal court. Fortunately, students who find themselves involved in a school disciplinary proceeding can still retain legal counsel to help prove their innocence, even if that attorney is not allowed to formally represent the person during the proceedings. It’s important to note, however, that these proceedings tend to differ significantly from criminal proceedings. For instance, students accused of wrongdoing on campus often don’t have the opportunity to face their accusers or to present evidence that could exonerate them. In many cases, students aren’t even given an initial presumption of innocence.

An experienced Georgia student defense lawyer will understand these limitations and be able to formulate a defense strategy that will give a student the best possible chance of avoiding punishment for untrue or unfair accusations.

Potential Penalties

Students who are convicted of crimes at a young age could end up spending time in jail, forced to abide by the terms of probation, or stripped of their driving privileges. Perhaps the most serious consequence, however, is the creation of a permanent criminal record, which can make it difficult for individuals to find employment or housing and can have significant consequences for a student’s personal relationships. School disciplinary proceedings could also result in the loss of financial aid, scholarships, or campus opportunities. In certain cases, a student could even find him or herself expelled.

Have You Been Accused of a Campus Violation or Criminal Offense?

Whether your case involves accusations of cheating, driving while intoxicated, possessing a fake ID, or sexual assault, our attorneys can help. Contact our experienced Atlanta student defense lawyers by completing our online form or calling Hawkins Spizman at 770-209-2310 to arrange a free case review.

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