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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Atlanta Prostitution Lawyer

Atlanta Prostitution Lawyer

Sex crimes, including prostitution, are taken seriously in Georgia, with conviction often resulting in jail time, fines, and even registration as a sex offender. With so much at stake it is important for defendants to have a legal representative on their side, f you are being investigated or were arrested for committing a prostitution-related offense or other sex crime in Georgia, it is important to speak with an experienced Atlanta prostitution lawyer who can begin working on your defense immediately.

What is Prostitution?

A person can be convicted of committing the crime of prostitution in Georgia if the state can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused performed a sexual act for money or other items of value. This offense, however, is not limited to those who actually engage in a sexual act, as a person can be found guilty of prostitution just for offering or consenting to perform a sexual act in exchange for something of value. In fact, Georgia courts have affirmed that a person doesn’t even have to accept money to be found guilty of committing the crime of prostitution. Instead, prosecutors need only prove that someone offered to perform sexual intercourse in exchange for something of value to obtain a conviction.

Potential Penalties

Engaging in prostitution is a misdemeanor offense in Georgia, which means that conviction comes with the potential penalties of one year in jail and a fine of $1,000. These penalties could, however, be enhanced if a person has a prior criminal record or if the offense was allegedly committed within 1,000 feet of a school, place of worship, recreation center, or playground, in which case, the accused could also be saddled with an additional $2,500 fine.

Prostitution-Related Offenses

Georgia law also prohibits a wide range of acts deemed related to prostitution, including:

  • Pandering, which involves the solicitation of one or more individuals for engaging in acts of prostitution and often occurs on behalf of a third party;
  • Pimping, which includes any behavior that encourages prostitution, such as scheduling a meeting between two individuals, or even benefiting from an act of prostitution; and
  • Maintaining a place of prostitution, which could include everything from a home or apartment to a hotel room.

Many of those who are accused of prostitution also face additional charges of pandering, pimping, or maintaining a place of prostitution, all of which can have significant repercussions on a person’s criminal record, especially if he or she has a prior criminal history.

Experienced Atlanta Prostitution Lawyers

If you have been accused of committing prostitution or another sex crime in Georgia, you probably have a lot of questions about how to go about fighting those allegations and securing the best possible outcome. At Hawkins Spizman, we are prepared to answer your questions and help you decide on your legal strategy going forward. To learn more about how an experienced Atlanta prostitution lawyer could help with your own defense, please call our office at 770-209-2310 or send us an online message today.

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