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Domestic Violence

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Do Domestic Crimes Really Spike During the Holidays?

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It seems to make sense that domestic crimes would spike over the holidays. Tensions may be up, stress can be high, and there may even be a bit more alcohol consumed than usual. The truth of the matter, though, is that the spike of domestic crimes during the holidays is something of a myth. It's important how we look at domestic abuse. Rather than isolated incidents that fluctuate, there is an underlying current of power and control that is present at all times. Stress and heightened emotions can certainly exacerbate domestic abuse, but a person who abuses another is not having...

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How to Combat Domestic Violence as a Community

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is estimated that nearly one-third of all women and approximately one in 12 men will have or will experience domestic violence. Even one person falling victim to intimate partner abuse is too many. There are ways that you can help combat domestic violence in your own community. 1. Familiarize Yourself with the Signs If you have never experienced domestic violence, you may not be aware of the signs of this type of abuse. There are typically warning signs that a person is a victim. A victim may be financially controlled, frequently embarrassed by their partner,...

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What You Need to Know About Domestic Crimes

In decades past, a domestic dispute between a couple was considered a personal matter best left inside the walls of the home and not up for police scrutiny. In more recent years, domestic crimes have been taken more seriously, and rightfully so. Even though the crimes are taken seriously by those involved, law enforcement and courts, there are still some common questions pertaining to domestic crimes that persist. 1. Can I Run Out of Time to Press Charges? It is not unusual for victims of domestic abuse and violence to wait to call the police. These victims struggle with the decision...

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Why Does Domestic Violence Happen?


Domestic violence is also called domestic abuse. It typically begins when one partner feels the need, for whatever reason, to dominate or control the other. Abuse is rarely about the victim, and almost always about the perpetrator. There is no just reason for domestic abuse, but knowing why it occurs can help advocates and those in the legal system strengthen their ability to prevent it. Common Reasons for Abuse Though there may be a variety of reasons why one partner is abusive towards another, there are reasons that are more common than others. These include: Jealousy: It doesn't matter if the cause of...

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How and When to File a Temporary Protective Order


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. One of the most important tools in the fight against domestic violence is the temporary protection order, or TPO. There are different types of family violence protective orders available in Georgia. These orders are meant to protect the people named therein; as such, when violations result in a criminal charge. If you are considering filing a protective order in Atlanta, here is what you should know. Types of Orders There are two types of protective orders in Georgia. A temporary ex parte order protects you from an abuser before you go to court. This is an order...

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Not All Domestic Violence is the Same


Domestic violence is a serious crime. Victims of abuse may deal with lifelong issues, both mental and physical, after suffering at the hands of a batterer. Those charged with the crime may spend time in prison, pay thousands in fines, and find it difficult to find future employment. Many have a picture that appears in their mind when someone talks about domestic violence. These images may or may not be correct. The fact is that “domestic violence” is a term that covers a variety of abuses. The crime does not always involve physical contact. As such, many alleged perpetrators may...

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