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The Best Ways to Prevent Holiday Package Thefts

Barrow County Sheriff

Holiday spending is skyrocketing this year, both in physical retail stores and online. In fact, online holiday shopping is expected to jump to $123.73 billion this year, an increase of 16.6 percent over last year. With so much online shopping, delivery companies will be dropping off packages around the clock. And that leaves plenty of opportunities for thieves to swipe packages from your doorstep. “Porch pirates” are a big problem. Some 11 million households had packages stolen last year. Most packages were stolen when the homeowners weren’t home, and an average of $200 was spent on replacing each package. If you’re ordering gifts...

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Can Someone “Steal” a Car Without Driving It?

Scenario One: You wake up in the morning to find your car missing from your driveway. You call the police, they locate your car and arrest the person that took it. Your car is returned, and you go about your day. Scenario Two: You are caught in a rainstorm and see a car running in someone's driveway. Desperate to get out of the rain, you jump inside and shut the door. The owner finds you and calls the police. You are charged with auto theft. The two scenarios are very different, but have a similar outcome. How is it possible? If you...

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Carjackings on the Rise in Atlanta Neighborhood

man breaking into car

It's fair to say that most people expect to be able to drive their vehicles without incident. Unfortunately for residents in one Atlanta neighborhood, carjackings are on the rise, leaving everyone on edge. The East Lake neighborhood has seen multiple carjackings, but no arrests. For some victims, the carjackings aren't ending when the crime does. The victims are reliving the details of the crime, making it impossible to regain their sense of security and belonging. Police located one such victim's car and returned it to the rightful owner. Police would not tell the victim where the car was located, nor did...

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Queen Latifah Brings Fulton Crime to the Spotlight


Vehicles are stolen on a daily basis, and the news rarely makes the headlines. That all changes when the victims are high-profile individuals. Such is the case in Atlanta. In recent weeks, retired superior court judge Marvin Arrington Sr. and actress Queen Latifah have both fallen victim to vehicle theft from gas stations in south Fulton County. When vehicles are stolen from streets and parking lots, it tends to be thought of as “low profile.” When thieves start taking vehicles from gas stations and businesses, the ante is upped. The number of thefts in Fulton County is up 12 percent,...

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A Look at Credit Card Theft


Credit card theft is a serious crime that has negative consequences for both the victim and the person charged with the crime. A credit card theft occurs when a person takes the physical credit card or account number of a person with an intent to defraud the issuer or the account holder of money, goods, services or anything of value. A person may also be charged with credit card theft if they knowingly use a credit card or account number they know has been stolen. It is illegal to alter a purchase ticket or charge ticket as well. A person who...

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