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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Dunwoody Embezzlement Lawyer

Dunwoody Embezzlement Lawyer

Many people in Georgia who face charges of embezzlement, a type of white collar crime, never intended to break the law. It can be a stressful and scary experience when you are accused of committing criminal acts with other people’s money, and you need an experienced Dunwoody embezzlement lawyer defending and protecting your rights throughout the legal process. At Hawkins Spizman, our team is prepared to advocate on your behalf after an accusation of embezzlement in Georgia. To learn more, call or contact our office in Dunwoody today.

What is Embezzlement?

Embezzlement, also known as theft by conversion, occurs when a person entrusted with managing or monitoring someone else’s money or property deliberately appropriates it for their own financial gain. Another way to think about embezzlement is that it occurs when a person is entrusted with someone else’s money and expected to use it in the owner’s best interest, but they use the money in their own best interest instead. In most cases, embezzlement charges occur in corporate situations and can involve one transaction or many transactions over time.

Embezzlement can take many forms, but the most common include check kiting, lapping, and computer schemes. Check kiting involves moving money from one account to another using checks, increasing the checks in amount and keeping the difference. Lapping involves keeping money from one person’s account and transferring money from another person’s account to cover the missing funds. Computer schemes vary in scope and complexity but typically involve inputting false data or manipulating numbers to hide missing money or property in client accounts.

Penalties for Embezzlement Conviction

The penalties for an embezzlement conviction vary on the amount that was embezzled and increase in severity as the value increases. Embezzlement of $500 or less is a misdemeanor offense that includes penalties of up to one year in jail and a fine up to $1,000. Embezzlement of more than $500 is a felony offense and can come with a prison sentence between one and five years along with fines of up to $5,000. Certain types of property or money embezzled, such as ferrous materials or anhydrous ammonia, comes with penalties that can include between one and fifteen years in prison along with fines up to $100,000 given the dangerous nature of the materials.

In addition, a conviction for embezzlement comes with a permanent criminal record and can result in restrictions on employment, housing, and education for the rest of your life. Embezzlement conviction can destroy a person’s professional and personal reputation, which can lead to loss of job, divorce, child custody issues, and more. Restitution is also a consequence of embezzlement conviction, which requires repayment to the victim(s) of the crime that can potentially bankrupt a person convicted, depending on the amount involved in the offense.

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If you are concerned about an accusation of embezzlement, call the office or contact us in Dunwoody today at Hawkins Spizman to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced white collar criminal defense attorneys now.

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