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Georgia DUI Attorneys and Vehicular Homicide Defense

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vehicular-homicide-largeAll DUI arrests are serious, but if you or a loved one are charged with vehicular homicide – or have been arrested for driving under the influence while involved in an accident where there were serious injuries or fatalities – finding the right Georgia DUI lawyers to represent you should be a top priority. In these cases, experience, expertise with Georgia DUI law, and relationships with judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement can make an enormous difference in the outcome. Additionally, every jurisdiction handles these cases differently.  If a fatality or serious injury case happened in Cobb County, you want a group of Cobb County DUI lawyers who knows which steps have to be taken immediately to minimize the damage and loss. That’s where Hawkins Spizman Fortas comes in. We have experience with these situations, and can guide a client through the different stages of the legal proceedings to minimize the damage and loss from a terrible accident.

How Experienced Georgia DUI Attorneys Help You to Defend Serious Charges

Suppose after a holiday party where you had a few drinks, you are involved in an accident on the way home heading down 400.  You are not sure the accident is your fault, but the police charge you with DUI and the other driver is taken to the hospital. At a time when clients may be filled with fear, grief, and confusion, having the right Sandy Springs DUI attorneys can be crucial. That’s because we know what’s going to happen next, and which actions need to be taken immediately.The first step for an Atlanta DUI lawyer in these cases is to convince the judge to set a reasonable bond. At the same time, a legal team may reach out to those who were injured, or lost a loved one, which can be a difficult task when there may be insurance adjustors and investigators involved. Doing so requires a professional and courteous approach, and one that ensures victims and their families have the necessary information to assess their own needs going forward.

Northeast of Atlanta, much of the work that Gwinnett County DUI attorneys do in these situations goes on behind the scenes. Naturally, these cases are both complex and emotional on a variety of levels. Not only are there injuries or fatalities to contend with, but often the defendant has suffered physical harm, as well. That’s why. For example, in Cobb County, a great team of Marietta DUI attorneys will work with a solid plan to help everyone who has been impacted by an unexpected tragedy.

Get Help From Top Georgia DUI Attorneys for Your Defense

The attorneys at Hawkins Spizman Fortas are one of only a handful of Georgia DUI attorneys who have experience navigating cases of vehicular homicide and serious injury by vehicle. We have the legal expertise needed to assess evidence – including accident reconstruction, witness interviews, blood and breath testing, and proper police investigation techniques – to ensure that your legal defense is as strong as possible.

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