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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > Personal Injury > 18-Wheeler Goes Over Georgia Bridge, Blocks City’s Drinking Water

18-Wheeler Goes Over Georgia Bridge, Blocks City’s Drinking Water


An unexpected and shocking accident took place on the eastbound side of the I-20 bridge that spans the Augusta Canal. According to witnesses, an 18-wheeler truck crashed into the side of the I-20 bridge. The side of the bridge was just a metal guardrail. While the truck was almost able to come to a halt by the time it hit the guardrail, the momentum and speed caused the trailer to flip over the truck, pulling the entire semi-truck into the Augusta Canal below. The driver was rescued and received medical treatment but is reported to not have suffered serious injuries.

The truck’s trailer was submerged completely in the canal as a result of the accident. Unfortunately, the Augusta Canal is the city’s primary source of drinking water and the submerged truck blocked the flow of water. People responding to the scene wore Hazmat suits because they were not sure what the truck had been carrying and whether its cargo could contaminate the public water supply. The water purification and pumping processes set up at the canal were stopped while cleaning and testing efforts commenced. The city’s water operation was relocated to the Savannah River while cleanup efforts continued. Crews had to mechanically remove the entire tractor and trailer from the canal. According to a representative, the transportation company’s insurance provider will be covering all damage to the city’s bridge and canal.

It has now been confirmed that the truck was carrying kaolin clay. The city has reported that the drinking water in the canal is testing as safe to drink again, so processes will re-commence there. Once repairs to the bridge have been made, the bridge will be reopened as well. No statements have yet been made regarding what caused the truck driver to apparently lose control of the vehicle or what events lead up to the truck crashing into the side of the bridge.

Suing for Semi-Truck Accidents

Semi-truck accidents can be among the most destructive that a person can experience. The sheer weight, size and volume of a semi-truck is enough to cause catastrophic damage and injury. It’s critical that truck drivers are alert, attentive, and physically and mentally able to drive when they are behind the wheel of a semi-truck that is capable of causing so much harm. However, sometimes these drivers are overworked, distracted, exhausted, transporting an uneven or over-full load of cargo, or speeding to make a tight deadline. In any of these situations, the trucking company and driver can be liable for property damage, personal injury, and death.

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