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Category Archives: Probation Revocation


How to Prepare for a Probation Violation Hearing?

By Hawkins Spizman |

Probation is a type of sentencing that allows individuals to remain in their community but under the supervision of a probation officer. However, violating probation terms can result in serious consequences, including being sent to jail. To avoid such penalties, it is critical that you take a probation violation hearing seriously and prepare for… Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between “General” and “Special” Conditions of Probation in Georgia?

By Hawkins Spizman |

Conviction of a criminal offense in Georgia does not necessarily mean jail time. Judges often sentence defendants to a term of probation instead. Historically, Georgia’s probation system was considered one of the strictest in the nation, although recent reforms have made it easier for people to seek early termination of probation based on meeting… Read More »

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