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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > DUI > Drunk Dad Speeds to Chuck E Cheese with Kids

Drunk Dad Speeds to Chuck E Cheese with Kids

Chuck E. Cheese’s is a popular place for families with children. Getting there before closing is important to many, but perhaps not as much as a dad who traveled at over 100 mph with an unsecured 7-year-old child in the passenger seat to get there.

According to reports, Shane Elzey told police that he was speeding in such a manner to get his son to the restaurant before it closed. The child told the officer, “I told him to slow down and he didn’t listen.” He also told officers that his dad goes to jail frequently.

When police pulled Elzey over, they smelled a strong odor of alcohol on his breath as noted in their report. Elzey initially blamed the smell on the female adult in his back seat, Jessica Patton. He then admitted to having consumed a shot of liquor and agreed to take sobriety tests.

Before beginning the field sobriety test, Elzey told officers that he suffered from Osgood-Schlatter disease. It is a joint disease that typically appears in puberty and goes away on its own. Elzey is a 27-year-old man. The officer did not ask Elzey to continue the test, but did place him under arrest.

It was at this time that Patton sat up in the back seat. Both of the adults became argumentative, said police. Elzey was arrested and taken to jail for child endangerment, reckless driving, driving under the influence, speeding, disorderly conduct and child safety seat violation.

Patton was also arrested but threatened suicide. She was released to North Fulton Regional Hospital. The 7-year-old boy was picked up by a grandparent.

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