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OJ Simpson Gets Parole – What Are the Terms?

The country watched as OJ Simpson was put on trial for his ex-wife’s murder in 1995. They recently watched again as his parole hearing for an unrelated case was televised across America. At that hearing, Simpson was granted parole after spending nine years of a possible 33 year sentence for a robbery that occurred in Las Vegas.

Now 70 years old, Simpson was clearly relieved upon hearing that he would soon be released from prison. His incarceration was the result of a botched robbery in Las Vegas. Simpson was convicted of leading a group of men into a hotel and casino with the intent to steal sports memorabilia Simpson claimed belonged to him.

Simpson described the crime as a perfect storm where all the players were in the same place at the same time. He saw his belongings on display and attempted to take them back. He said that he never pulled a weapon, and his victim concurred with this during his testimony before the parole board. The victim also said that Simpson had been misled regarding the number and type of items that would be present in the hotel room.

During the four-panel parole board’s return and the granting of parole, the members gave several reasons for allowing Simpson to go free. They said that he has familial support, he has stable release plans and that his victim supported the parole, among other reasons. The board members did point out that Simpson’s parole would not be without several conditions and that the conditions of parole would be public record.

What Are His Conditions of Parole?

The conditions released are as follows:

  • Abstinence from alcohol
  • Abstinence from drugs that are not legally prescribed
  • Inability to possess weapons
  • Random alcohol and drug screens
  • Compliance with all rules and ordinances

Should Simpson violate any terms of his parole, he can be arrested and returned to prison. If Simpson moves out of the state of Nevada (he wants to move to Florida), his parole conditions remain in place. If they are violated, he will be returned to Nevada to answer for his actions at a violation hearing.

Simpson will not be immediately released from prison. He is expected to be processed out of prison sometime in October, and he will be on parole until September 29, 2022. During that time, he will be required to provide written reports to his officer every month.

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