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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > Criminal Defense > Should I Turn Myself In If There’s a Warrant for My Arrest?

Should I Turn Myself In If There’s a Warrant for My Arrest?

When a person finds out that they have a warrant out for their arrest, it’s understandable that they become anxious and stressed out. There are undoubtedly questions that begin to swirl in that person’s mind, but how they react should be based upon the unique set of circumstances surrounding the warrant. While it is hardly advisable to flee the country, it may be as equally detrimental to run to the nearest police station and surrender. What anyone with an outstanding warrant should do is contact a qualified and experienced attorney to receive assistance and advice.

Should You Surrender?

If you have a warrant out for your arrest and you happen to be pulled over by the police for some type of traffic infraction, you will likely be placed under arrest. This can happen even if the warrant is in a different jurisdiction. If the warrant is for something considered to be fairly minor, you may rest somewhat easy knowing that it is unlikely that the police will be knocking at your door to arrest you. This is especially true if the police don’t know where you work or live.

In some cases, such as a bench warrant or minor warrant, an attorney may be able to get the issue taken care of for you. An attorney can contact the court on your behalf, find out what you need to do and quite possibly have the whole thing taken care of without you having to ever appear before a judge.

Get an Attorney

No one is saying that it is a bad idea, necessarily, to cooperate with law enforcement or the court. What is being said is that it is rarely a wise move to do anything on your own without first exploring your options. If you know that you have a warrant out for your arrest, your best move is to contact an attorney who can offer assistance in clearing the warrant or help you work out the details before you are arrested.

Additionally, if you do need to be arrested for your warrant and spend any time in custody, having consulted with an attorney prior to turning yourself in or trying to handle things can help make the process of being released on bond a smoother one. No matter what you decide to do, speaking with an attorney before you do it is a good decision.

If you have been arrested in Atlanta or have an outstanding criminal warrant, reach out to our team of attorneys for help. We will review the details of your charges and help you make a decision that makes sense for your unique situation. Call our office now to schedule your free case evaluation and begin the process of eliminating this cause of stress and anxiety from your life.

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