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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > DUI > Woman Arrested for DUI Seven Times

Woman Arrested for DUI Seven Times

GATES COUNTY, N.C. – Alexandria Ferguson, 44, has seven arrests under her belt. Five of those arrests are for driving under the influence of alcohol. Because she has racked up such a record, she will be heading to prison for six months.

Judge Edgar Barnes sentenced Ferguson to two-years in jail, suspending 18 months, and forcing the woman to serve six months. When she is released, Ferguson will be on probation and required to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet. If she is arrested for driving under the influence during her probation, she will head back to prison to serve the remainder of her sentence.

According to police records, Ferguson was arrested for DUI in Elizabeth City. That charge was pled down to reckless operation. In that incident, Ferguson was operating her vehicle with her toddler in the car. She does have two standing convictions for DUI in both Georgia and Virginia. The latest was her fifth and, hopefully, her last.

Kaye Walsh, a local MADD victim’s advocate, said, “I’m happy, happy, happy that she’s finally behind bars.”

District Attorney Andrew Womble also voiced his pleasure with the sentence, “I believe Ms. Ferguson got what she deserved. She absolutely deserved time. She deserved a prison sentence for the multiple DUIs.”

Ferguson began serving her six-month sentence last Monday. She is expected to be released sometime in May of 2016.

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