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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > Criminal Defense > Is It Easy To Get A Bond After An Arrest In Georgia?

Is It Easy To Get A Bond After An Arrest In Georgia?


When a person is arrested in Georgia, they eventually will be seen before a Georgia magistrate judge. This process of being detained and then seeing a magistrate judge is fairly quick. Most of the time a detainee will appear before a judge within 72 hours. Once in front of a judge, the issue of bond will come into play. By assessing a given detainee and their alleged crimes, a specific bond amount will be determined. The amount that a judge sets for the bond is what will dictate how much a family member or friend will need to come up with to get their loved one out of jail.

It can be extremely distressing to get a call that someone you care about has gotten caught up with the law and is in jail. Naturally, the first thing that anyone thinks of in this scenario is what they can do to help and how they can bail their loved one out. The best thing to do when you are unsure of your legal rights and options and to help a loved one who is in jail is to seek the experienced guidance of a knowledgeable legal professional. The Georgia criminal defense attorneys at Hawkins Spizman can help you whether you have been arrested or if you need assistance with a friend or family member who has been arrested.

What Would Stop a Judge from Issuing a Bond?

When the judge issues a bond to an individual, it is essentially a financial deposit that shows the court that if released, that individual will return to the court for their hearing. How expensive a bond is will depend on several factors including what the specific alleged crime was and how likely the individual would be to come back for their hearing.

There are many variables that go into whether or not a bond will be issued. The difficulty of getting issued a bond really comes down to assessing each case individually. For example, any of the following situations and more could preclude a judge from issuing a bond:

  • If the person is thought of as someone who can hurt themselves if released.
  • If the person is thought of as someone who could hurt someone else if released.
  • If the person is a flight risk and may not come back for their hearing.
  • If the person has a history of missing court appearances (failing to appear).
  • If the person has insufficient ties to the community and is considered a flight risk.

Individuals that have an attorney on their side when they appear before the magistrate judge may be able to secure more favorable release conditions and a lower bond amount. Even in situations where the bond is not issued, there is still the chance that a bond can be issued when the preliminary hearing takes place.

Speak to an Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney Today

An arrest does not mean losing all of one’s rights. A person who is arrested still has the right to be heard on the issue of bond and deserves effective legal representation to fight their charges and secure the best outcome for their case. For help overcoming criminal charges in Georgia, the Atlanta criminal defense lawyers at Hawkins Spizman are here for you. Please call 770-685-6400 today to speak with an attorney during a free consultation today.

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