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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > Assault > Man Charged With Battery After Hitting Someone With Hot Dog

Man Charged With Battery After Hitting Someone With Hot Dog


When you think of assault with a deadly weapon, you may think of a gun, knife, baseball bat, or maybe a stick or huge rock. But a hot dog? It may seem laughable, but it’s a true story that recently happened in Augusta.

As you can imagine, alcohol was at play, with a drunk passenger slapping a driver in the face with the food item. And things got worse from there.

The incident happened on the evening of November 11. Columbia County sheriff’s deputies were called to the McDonald’s location at 4090 Jimmie Dyess Parkway in Augusta. There, they found a man known only as Javon. He was stumbling into the road and his lips were visibly bloody and swollen. All he would tell the police was that he was thrown out of a car by a guy named Caleb, who was a member of the military.

The deputy at the scene claimed that the man was heavily intoxicated and was unable to speak clearly or stand on his own. The deputy also spoke to a McDonald’s employee who saw a red sedan abruptly stop. He said the car was shaking so violently that he thought there was a fight going on inside the vehicle. That was when he called the police.

The deputy learned that the dispute started while Caleb was driving Javon home after getting drunk. While Caleb was driving, Javon hit him in the face with the hot dog, which was distracting him. That was when Caleb pulled into McDonald’s and told Javon to get out of the car. Javon got out of the vehicle and walked over to the driver’s side, taking Caleb’s phone. Javon then got back into the car and that was when the two started fighting.

Javon then got out and hit Caleb in the face through the driver’s side window. He then opened the driver’s door and put Caleb in a headlock. Caleb then bit Javon, causing Javon to let go, but Javon kept hitting Caleb.

Caleb sped off, which caused Javon to fall off the vehicle. Caleb then drove home.

Javon was taken to Doctors Hospital to be evaluated and treated for his injuries. Deputies issued him a warrant for battery. It is unknown if police contacted Caleb or if he will be charged with any crimes.

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Assault and battery can happen in a number of ways. And while getting hit with a hot dog may seem comical, it can lead to injuries if done a certain way.

Assault and battery can be serious charges, but fortunately there are a number of possible defenses. Seek legal help from a Georgia assault lawyer from Hawkins Spizman Trial Lawyers to learn more. To schedule a free consultation with our office, call 770-685-6400 or fill out the online form. The firm serves Georgia, including Atlanta, Dunwoody, Alpharetta, Cobb County, Fulton County, Gwinnett County, Johns Creek, and Sandy Springs.



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