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Mother Sues School for Wrongful Death

Field trips are a part of growing up. Whether they are taken with classmates or fellow members of a troop or club, field trips are something every child looks forward to. This was true of a teenager who went on a trip overseas last year.

According to reports released to the news, a mother sent her teenage son to the Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary in Belize. The 14-year-old boy went on the trip with 30 of his classmates and nine chaperones. The trip was sponsored by a school in the Cobb County school district. Tragically, the student died while on the field trip. The family’s attorneys recently obtained video footage of the boy’s last moments.

While swimming, the boy reached out to another student. That student told him to stop because she did not realize he was having trouble in the water. None of the students were wearing life vests while in the water, and no one assisted him as he went underwater. The group eventually left the area, failing to do a headcount and leaving the boy behind. It took approximately an hour for anyone to notice that the child was missing.

The parents of the boy have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the school district. They will use the video to show that the students, including their son, were not being properly supervised by chaperones. The wildlife sanctuary and the chaperones are also named in the lawsuit.

If a loved one has been killed in an accident through no fault of their own, you may have the legal right to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Call our team of attorneys today to schedule an appointment for a free case evaluation. We will review your case and advise you of your legal options. Call today for assistance.

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