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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > Wrongful Death > Man in Accident Suffers Heart Attack

Man in Accident Suffers Heart Attack

A victim of a vehicle collision on Memorial Drive on New Year’s Eve lost his life, but not because of injuries sustained in the accident. The man passed away after having a heart attack following the crash.

Reports indicate that a 64-year-old man was driving on Memorial Drive. The man’s fiancée told police that another vehicle turned in front of the truck in such a way they were not able to avoid striking that vehicle. Police responded to the incident and the male driver told police that he did not believe he was injured but did complain of shortness of breath.

The man’s fiancée said that the man did not have trouble breathing until after the accident. After only minutes, the man lost consciousness and stopped breathing. The man was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital where it was confirmed that he had not sustained trauma in the collision but had a heart attack in the aftermath.

The other driver in the incident told officers that the man who passed away had a yellow light, the fiance told officers the light was green. The second driver was cited for not having her driver’s license on her person. Officers said that the investigation into the accident was ongoing.

A vehicle collision is a frightening experience. If your loved one has died as a result of a car accident in Atlanta, you may be legally entitled to compensation. Reach out to our office today to arrange a case evaluation and learn more about your options.

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