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Brain Tumor is Cause for DUI Arrest

It is rarely surprising to read stories of people arrested for DUI. Arrests like these are made daily. It does not give anyone pause to read the stories and see the accused denying having had even a single drop of alcohol. What does come as a surprise is when one of those denials is proven to be true. Julie Cunningham was arrested for driving under the influence on July 31. Cunnigham dropped her children off at daycare, hit a curb, and struck a fire hydrant. Police responded to the scene and ultimately placed the woman under arrest for suspicion of DUI....

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Harry Connick Jr.’s Teen Daughter Georgia Arrested

Being a celebrity does not preclude you from being arrested. Being the child of a celebrity does not mean you are above the law. Georgia Connick, daughter of Harry Connick, Jr., found herself in hot water after serving alcohol to underage partygoers over the weekend. The young Connick was arrested at her family’s New Canaan, Connecticut home. It is alleged that she provided alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21. Connick is facing two charges: procuring alcohol for minors and permitting minors to possess alcohol. According to reports, law enforcement officials were detailed to the Connick residence at 1 a.m....

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Georgia Police Increasing DUI Enforcement for Labor Day Weekend

As the season winds down and end-of-summer celebrations ramp up, authorities throughout Georgia are launching a crackdown on drunken driving. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports the Governor's Office of Highway Safety announced Friday that police, sheriff's deputies and state troopers will be aggressively looking to pull over and arrest impaired drivers from now through the Labor Day weekend. State officials say 298 people were killed in highway crashes that were alcohol-related in Georgia in 2010. That was roughly one-fourth of all traffic deaths in the state. Harris Blackwood, director of the Highway Safety office, says crackdowns targeting drunk drivers can help reduce alcohol-related crashes...

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Georgia Roadblocks

Georgia roadblocks are part the state's successful highway safety program say GA law enforcement officials.  Deputy director for the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety, Spencer Moore says, What we've found is that checkpoints are an effective tool to raise public awareness, to deter impaired drivers.  With these checkpoints, we believe the numbers will continue to go in the right direction. Officials are using roadblocks to lower the number of DUI's, along with the number of DUI related accidents in Georgia.  Is this really just.  National Motorists Association, which was founded to represent the rights of motorists, contends that most roadblocks violate the...

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