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How Internet Law Is Evolving

We use the Internet on a daily basis. From keeping interactive planners to shopping, the virtual world is helping us in more ways than we realize. Unfortunately, it can also land us in hotter water than we realize.

Most people know that using the Internet puts us at some risk. We understand that not everything is private. However, lawmakers are taking action to create a more uniform set of statutes to govern the Web. The following list is the latest developments in Internet law and safety, and how you can protect yourself in a world you can’t see.

1. The Email Privacy Act

We have a misconception that email is the same as a written letter. In the eyes of the law, they are very different. If the police want to look at a letter you have sent through the postal service, they need a warrant. On the other hand, they don’t need one to grab an email from the server on which it is stored, according to the recently-passed Email Privacy Act.

2. Ad Content

Imagine the surprise you would feel if you found that photograph you posted on social media being used on another site. Read the terms of service. Many social media sites have a blurb about using your photos royalty-free for as long as they remain on their site.

3. Freedom of Speech

There are limits to what you can say online. Sure, you have freedom of speech thanks to the United States Constitution, but it may not be as far reaching as you think. Many have found themselves answering questions posed by law enforcement after posting something online, especially when it comes to threats or other “criminal” behavior.

4. Erasing Yourself

Let’s say that you don’t want any trace of yourself on the Internet. If you’ve been an active user, it can be hard. That’s not to say it’s impossible. Erasing your online presence is difficult to do on your own, but there are programs and people who can help remove you from the virtual world. However, these programs can lead to more trouble, depending on how much information you give away to utilize them.

5. Digital End of Life

When people create an estate plan, they often include assets that they can touch. What about your social media accounts? Make sure that you make your Internet history a part of your will. When you do, you can transfer your accounts to someone else or even dictate how you want those accounts handled upon your death.

The Internet is a mysterious place if you haven’t taken the time to study it. There are laws in the virtual world that many aren’t aware of. When you know more about what is allowed and what isn’t, you are better able to protect yourself.

If you have been arrested for some type of cybercrime in DeKalb County or surrounding area, you have rights. Reach out to our team today for assistance. We will review the details of your arrest and charges and advise you of your legal options. The virtual world can be a tricky place; you need an attorney with experience on your side. Call our office today to schedule an appointment for a case evaluation and let us help you determine your best next steps.

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