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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > DUI > Smartphone Breathalyzers Could Curb DUIs

Smartphone Breathalyzers Could Curb DUIs

This year, the Colorado Department of Transportation gave away 475 smartphone breathalyzers to residents who had previously been convicted of driving under the influence. The department then surveyed the people to determine how the devices impacted their driving behavior. Nearly all of those who received the portable breathalyzers reported that those devices helped them to not drive impaired.

Prior to participating in the program, just under half of the participants said that they believed they could drive a vehicle after having a few alcoholic drinks. After using the devices, that percentage shrunk to 30 percent. Of all participants in the program, 75 percent said that they utilized the devices to determine whether or not it would be safe to drive after they had consumed alcohol.

One participant was quoted in a news release as saying, “The breathalyzer is a great resource. I knew the general rule for drinking and impairment, but there is a big difference between how you feel and how impaired you actually are.” The results of the program were not all good news, however.

How the Program Helped

Prior to participating in the program, 15 percent of the people given devices didn’t know that .08 was the legal level of blood alcohol concentration needed for a DUI conviction. Furthermore, 41 percent didn’t know that .05 was the legal limit for being charged with ability impaired. Only a single participant was convicted of driving under the influence during participation in the program.

A CDOT spokesperson said that the results of the program showed that there is still work to be done. Law enforcement across the state will be increasing their efforts to decrease drunk driving across the state of Colorado through the holidays.

How Effective Are Portable Breathalyzers?

Portable breathalyzers are not new. Last year, Dr. Oz and his team put several of these smartphone breathalyzers to the test. The team tested that BACtrack mobile Pro, Alcohoot and Breathometer. After consuming a few drinks, the participants used each of the devices. For this test, the BACtrack Mobile got the best scores with an A for accuracy and an A for ease of use. The Breathometer received an F from the team in both categories.

The BACtrack was also given top scores when tested by The New York Times. During their test, the staff of The Times found that the BACtrack mobile device was right on target with police units. At approximately $100, the BACtrack may just be worth the purchase price.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence in DeKalb County, you have legal rights. Don’t assume that you have no chance in court. An experienced attorney from our team can assist you in putting together a strong defense and help you to possibly reduce the consequences you face. Call our team today for more information on how we can help you. We are happy to hold your first consultation at no cost to you or your family.

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