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What Is Blood Alcohol Concentration?


If you are going to a party or out to dinner you may decide to enjoy an adult beverage if you are of legal age to consume alcohol. When you have pre-determined to drink alcohol, it is best to have a plan for transportation. Drinking alcohol and getting behind the wheel do not mix well and not only is drunk driving incredibly dangerous but it is also illegal. Alcohol impairs your perceptions, reaction time, judgment, and ability to operate an automobile safely. Even a small amount can have some impact but the more you drink, the greater the perils exist for an accident happening.

Even if you can make it from one location to another without a car accident happening, that does not mean that law enforcement will not be on the lookout for signs of impaired driving. If you are pulled over and arrested for a DUI in Georgia, it is likely that you will be asked to submit to a test to determine your blood alcohol concentration. It is imperative not to wait in this situation, but rather take deliberate and rapid action by calling an attorney to help you in the aftermath of an arrest. The DeKalb County DUI attorneys at Hawkins Spizman Trial Attorneys are here for you and can help you fight your DUI charges.  Mike Hawkins is Board Certified in DUI Defense by the National College for DUI Defense, as recognized by the American Bar Association.  As of this writing, there are only 4 lawyers in Georgia who have passed the board certification exam.

What Blood Alcohol Concentration Shows 

Your blood alcohol concentration is a measurement of how much alcohol is present in your bloodstream. When you have a high BAC you will likely show many more signs of intoxication than if you have a very low BAC.

There are some over-the-counter products many of us use that have some trace amounts of alcohol in them. Mouthwash is a good example of such a product. It is likely that if you have used mouthwash and are pulled over for drunk driving, your BAC is typically not going to be high enough for an arrest if it even shows up. But, if you have just come from a bar where you had several glasses of wine or mixed drinks, then just the opposite may be true. You will likely have a BAC reading that could come in over the legal limit.

There are many factors that can go into how a BAC reading will come out. Some of these factors include:

  • Men can process alcohol faster than women.
  • Smaller, more petite bodies will experience greater effects from alcohol consumption than larger bodies.
  • Certain medications can increase the effects of alcohol.
  • Taking food with alcohol helps it absorb slower and an empty stomach will make the effects of alcohol greater.
  • Drinking alcohol quickly versus slowly will also increase the effects it has on a person.

Remember that the police are the ones who designate which type of BAC test they will ask you submit to.  Breath testing has been demonstrated to be hopelessly inaccurate in measuring BAC, while blood is more likely to be accurate. The problem in Georgia with blood testing, is that the police do not have a uniform set of procedures to adhere to make sure the test is accurate.  The lawyers at Hawkins Spizman have discovered errors in the manner in which blood is drawn, transported, stored, and tested for BAC.  In some instances, the court has excluded use of blood test results based upon these failures.

Calling an Atlanta DUI Attorney after a DUI Arrest

Fines, jail time, and license suspension are all penalties associated with a DUI conviction. A conviction may result in you having to take time away from work or be denied school and loan applications. There are several implications to think about which can happen when a DUI conviction takes place so working to avoid this is the better approach. Call the Atlanta DUI attorneys at 770-685-6400 to schedule a free consultation.

Hawkins Spizman Trial Attorneys represent individuals charged with DUIs in Georgia including Atlanta, Dunwoody, Alpharetta, Cobb County, Fulton County, Gwinnett County, Johns Creek, and Sandy Springs.



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